In Love With You (Jemily)

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Takes place after Minimal Loss in season 4. J.J has been in love with Emily for a while now and confesses her feelings. Will or Henry don't exist in this one shot.

After getting back to D.C, the team goes their separate ways. J.J refuses to let Emily be alone that night after being beaten up by the cult leader despite Emily's many protests that she will be fine, so the pair of BAU agents head back to Emily's apartment. 

"Can I get you anything?" Emily asks as they enter her apartment.

"I'm good, thanks. Go shower. I'll shower after and then we can watch something and relax,"J.J tells the raven haired woman. 

Emily quickly showers the grim and dirt off from the day. Drying off, she puts antiseptic on her injuries from the day before pulling on some sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. She heads out into the living room to find J.J on the couch, drinking some water. The blonde gets up once she sees Emily.

"He really hurt you," J.J frowns.

She cups Emily's check softly with one hand as she inspects the injuries on the other woman's face, causing Emily's heart to race in her chest. J.J can't help but feel angry at the man who hurt Emily. She could have lost Emily easily today and that thought is what makes J.J decide to tell Emily a secret that she has been hiding for a while: she is hopelessly in love with the raven haired agent.

"I'm okay, J.J. Just a scratch," Emily states, "Go shower. Grab whatever clothes you want so we can relax,"

"Okay, but I need to talk to you about something after," J.J agrees.

Emily nods at this, so J.J heads off to shower. The blonde showers and then puts on a loose hooded sweatshirt and some grey sleep shorts. J.J then heads out to find Emily, who is sitting on the sofa. She sits besides Emily, who smiles at her.

"What is it you wanted to talk about?" Emily questions.

"I.. uh. Today you really scared me. You could have been killed and I would have never had the chance to say this, so I'm going to say it now and I hope it doesn't ruin our friendship," J.J replies nervously, gazing into Emily's brown eyes, "I love you. God, Em, I'm so in love with you it hurts. I have been for a while, I've just been scared to tell you."

Suddenly, Emily's lips are on J.J's. The blonde's heart soars as she kisses Emily back, running her fingers through raven colored hair. Emily cups J.J's face in her hands, loving the feeling of the blonde's lips on her own. They break apart when air becomes an issue and rest their foreheads together so that they can gaze into each other's eyes, blue on brown.

"I love you too, J.J. So much," Emily smiles, leaning in to kiss J.J once more.

They fall asleep that night, wrapped in each other's arms. Emily is asleep first, and J.J just relaxes and watches her sleep for a while before drifting off herself, happy that she decided to tell Emily how she feels about her and looking forward to their future together.

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