An Unexpected Confession (Jemily)

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In 14x15, while playing truth or dare with the unsub, J.J's confession is that she is in love with Emily and isn't in love with Will anymore and hasn't been for a while. Afterwards, Spencer urges J.J to come clean and tell Emily how she feels.

Spencer corners Jennifer during Rossi's wedding reception. Will has already gone home to relieve the babysitter, so Spencer knows there is not chance of him overhearing. As for Emily, she is across the room laughing with Penelope and Luke.

"You need to tell Will. He's a decent guy, but if you aren't happy, you should get a divorce, J.J." Spencer states, "You deserve to be happy."

"I know. I've been meaning to, but I've been scared. I mean, what if Emily doesn't feel the same?" J.J sighs.

"Pretty sure she does. You know she broke up with the guy she was seeing a few months ago," Spencer replies.

"Yeah. I'll talk to Will and tell Emily afterwards," J.J decides, "Thanks, Spence."

"Anytime," Spencer smiles.


Will isn't happy and even sheds a few tears. J.J apologizes repeatedly before leaving, deciding to give the man some space. It will be a difficult adjustment for Will and the boys, but she knows it'll work out after some time has passed.

She heads straight to Emily's, wanting to confess her feelings for the raven haired woman before she loses the nerve to do so. The blonde knocks on the door and Emily smiles as she opens it to reveal J.J. Emily has been in love with J.J for a while now as well. She tried to distract herself by dating Andrew, but it didn't work.

"Hey J.J. Come in," Emily greets, "This is a nice surprise."

"Hi Em. Can we talk?" J.J asks nervously, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Of course. Let's sit down," Emily replies.

They sit on the sofa, facing one another. J.J fidgets nervously with the hem of her shirt. Emily is anxious now as well. The blonde never shows up without calling or texting first.

"I'm getting a divorce," J.J blurts.

"What? I thought you were happy with Will," Emily asks, surprised.

"I'm not. Haven't been for a long time," J.J confesses.

"Well, as long as you're happy with your choice. You know I'll always be there for you," Emily nods.

"I have something else to tell you," J.J tells Emily, "I'm in love with you. I don't want this to ruin our friendship if you don't feel the same but I have been for a long time and am tired of hiding it."

"Really? You're in love with me?" Emily questions.

"Yes," J.J admits, "I love you, Emily."

"I love you too. God, J.J, I am so in love with you," Emily grins, wiping away happy tears, "Can I kiss you?"

J.J smiles back and nods. Emily gently cups the blonde's face in her hands, and kisses her. Sparks fly. This kiss is like nothing J.J has ever experienced before, and she knows she has finally found her one true love in Emily Prentiss. 

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