Those Brown Eyes (Shoni)

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Takes place a month into season three we will never get (sobs in gay). Dot and Fatin are tired of shoni pinning for each other so they trick them and lock them in a room in the bunker until they talk it out. 

"Ugh. They're making heart eyes again," Fatin comments, collapsing next to Dot on the forest floor.

For the past month since Gretchen fucking Klein abandoned them, Shelby and Toni have constantly been making goo-goo eyes at each other but refuse to talk it out. They clearly want to be with one another and even the boys have taken notice of it. 

"I know. I'm not one to meddle in other people's relationships, but we got to do something. I mean, this is ridiculous," Dot sighs.

"Oh, Dorthy. Do I have an idea for you," Fatin smirks, "We trick them into getting into a room in the bunker and lock them in until they make up".

"Fuck it. I'm in," Dot agrees, "Let's do it".


Using the excuse of having found an active camera, Fatin manages to lure Shelby into a room while Dot lures Toni with the lie of having found some supplies that she needs help moving. The moment both Toni and Shelby are in the room alone together, the door shuts and locks.

"Hey. What the hell? There's no supplies in here besides stupid cleaning shit," Toni curses, "Let me out".

"Very funny, you guys," Shelby remarks, "We have things to do. Let us out, please".

"Sorry, shoni. Not happening until you two make up. The heart eyes are getting to be a distraction," Fatin replies, "We will be right here with the key and will let you out once you've made up".

Toni groans and sits on the floor. Realizing she isn't going to get out here any time soon, Shelby sits down as well, making sure to keep a wide berth between her and Toni. The blonde can't help her heart racing in her chest, however. She is still in love with Toni and is pretty sure Toni is still heads over heels for her.

"I don't think they're going to give in and let us out," Shelby comments, trying to break the tension between them.

"Probably not. Look, Shelbs. I'm sorry I reacted the way I did when Martha was how she was. It wasn't cool of me and I'm sorry," Toni sighs.

"I forgave you a long time ago, Toni. I'm just glad Martha's okay now," Shelby replies, "And  breaking up with you without talking about it first definitely wasn't a good decision". 

The blonde gazes into Toni's brown eyes for the first time in what seems like forever. Looking into those brown eyes, Shelby realizes just how much she's missed the short brunette. It was nice having Toni by her side throughout the ups and downs of island life. 

"Yeah, probably not the best idea," Toni replies, "I love you, Shelby. More than anything. Can we maybe try again?"

Shelby answers Toni with a kiss. Toni smiles against the blonde's lips, cupping her face with her hands. She pins Shelby against the wall as the kiss intensifies. Just as Toni is about to break the kiss to pull Shelby's shirt off, the door flies open to reveal Fatin standing there. Her hand is on her hip.

"Hey! We said make up, not have sex," Fatin scolds.

Shelby and Toni glance at each other, then at Fatin. The moment they glance back at each other, they both burst into laughter. Fatin rolls her eyes at this, muttering something along the lines off "fucking shoni" before leaving the newly reunited couple to do their thing. Needless to say, Toni and Shelby do just that. 

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