Give Me Five Fucking Minutes To Hold My Girl (Shoni)

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Shelby gets mugged coming home from the store. The gang insists they go to the police right away but Toni just wants five minutes to hold her girl first. No island AU. TW: brief mentions of violence/injuries

"Hey y'all. Come on in. Toni should be down soon. She's just showering," Shelby greets.

The blonde opens the door wide for her and Toni's friends, Martha, Dot, Rachel, Fatin, Leah, and Nora. They have all been friends since freshman year of college, and all graduated about a year ago, staying in the same area of L.A. Martha and Toni have known each other since they were little kids, and are basically sisters. Leah and Fatin went to the same high school and have been dating since the start of sophomore year. Rachel and Nora are twins, and therefore grew up together. Lastly, Dot and Shelby are childhood best friends. Shelby and Toni have been dating since late March of their freshmen year, and it was a friends to lovers kind of thing.

Everyone gathers in the living room, sitting on various cushions and bean bag chairs. Fatin decides to recline with her head resting in Leah's lap. Leah smiles softly and strokes her girlfriend's long, dark hair. Toni soon comes down in a tank top and basketball shorts, hair damp from her shower. She greets her friends before pecking Shelby's lips, causing the blonde to smile and their friends to jokingly cat call at them. 

"Shoot! I forgot to buy the snacks! I'll be right back, y'all!" Shelby announces, grabbing her purse. 

While waiting for Shelby to come back, they decide to start a game of UNO at Martha's suggestion. Toni is just about to claim victory as keys turn in the lock and Shelby comes back into the apartment. Toni glances up, her grin quickly fading as she takes in the sight of her girlfriend. Shelby is sporting the start of a black eye. She has a cut on her forehead and a busted lip.

"What the fuck happened?" Toni asks as she rushes to Shelby's side, steering the blonde into a chair. 

"Well, someone's going to die tonight," Fatin states, "Who did this to you?" 

Dot, who became an EMT right of college, runs to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit she knows is kept there. She feels sick to her stomach at the thought of someone beating up Shelby, but knows she has to put her feelings aside, at least for now, in order to be able to help the blonde.

"He said he wouldn't hurt me if I have him money, but he beat me anyway," Shelby whispers, clinging to Toni.

"Oh baby. It's alright. He can't get you now," Toni replies.

Just then, Dot comes back with the first aid kit. She disinfects and places a bandaid on the cut, instructing Shelby to hold an ice pack to her eye and lip.  Leah comes over with some water and advil, which Shelby takes.

"Is she good to go? We should go to the police right away," Nora asks Dot.

"Yeah she's good," Dot nods.

"Okay, then. What are we waiting for? Let's go," Rachel says.

"Hold on for a minute! The love of my life just got beaten up! Can you please just give me five fucking minutes to hold my girl?" Toni asks, trying not to lose her cool.

"Of course, Toni," Martha agrees. 

Martha knows her best friend just needs a minute to calm down and be with Shelby before they go to the police. So, that's what happens. Toni wraps her arms around Shelby and holds her close, soothed by the feeling on the blonde's chest rising and falling. After a bit, Toni pulls away, nods, and everyone makes their way to the police station to support Shelby. 

The bastard who mugged Shelby turns out to be an idiot and is caught that very night trying to use Shelby's credit card to buy Cool Ranch Doritos at a CVS. Everyone is glad he is caught and Shelby is alright, of course, but as Shelby drifts off to sleep in Toni's arms, Toni thinks to herself that she might just be the gladdest of them all.  

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