Complicated (J.J and Emily)

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Emily is having trouble putting together Henry's new big boy bed (he just turned three, Will doesn't exist, conceived using a sperm donor). She is having trouble and J.J teases her.

"Okay, Henry. You have fun with Auntie Penelope, okay?" J.J tells her son.

Henry giggles and sloppily gives J.J a kiss goodbye on the check. Penelope promises to not feed the toddler too much sugar and with that, they are out the door. J.J waves goodbye before closing the door and locking it. 

She then heads to Henry's room and bursts out laughing at the sight. Emily is failing miserably to put together their son's new IKEA toddler bed. The boy has outgrown his crib, so they recently bought him his brand new bed. 

"Is BAU Chief Emily Prentiss having issues putting together an IKEA bed?" J.J chuckles.

"That's Chief Prentiss-Jareau to you. And yes. I am having issues," Emily pouts.

"It's really not that complicated, babe" J.J replies, kneeling down besides her wife.

"Yes it is! If it's so easy, then you do it," the raven haired woman huffs.

J.J shakes her head and sits next to Emily. It takes a few hours but by working as a team, they are finally able to put together the bed. 

"Perfect. Now, Penelope has Henry until tonight, so I say we celebrate," Emily smirks, glancing down at J.J's lips.

"I agree, but not in our son's room," J.J replies. 

The blonde stands up and offers a hand to her wife. Emily takes it and J.J leads her to their bedroom which is right across the hallway. She pushes the raven haired woman down onto the bed. J.J admires the sight of Emily just laying there, checks already flushed.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Come here and kiss me," Emily demands and J.J does just that.


"Mama! Mommy!" Henry exclaims as she runs through the door.

"Hi there monkey. Did you have fun?" Emily asks, catching her son in her arms and spinning him around.

"Yeah! I gotta question," Henry nods.

"What is it, Henry?" J.J questions.

"What's that on your neck, mama?" Henry replies.

Penelope takes a look at J.J's neck. Sure enough, there is a hickey just below her collar bone. The technical analyst bursts out laughing ad J.J blushes furiously, glaring at her wife who simply shrugs. They distract Henry with his new bed and after they tuck him into it that night, they cuddle into their bed. At first, J.J refuses to cuddle as punishment for marking her where their son can see, but gives in when Emily pouts. As Emily drifts off to sleep, she is happy to have her wife and of course, their son, who is fast asleep in his complicated to make bed.

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