Safe and Sound (Jemily)

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Takes place after Mayhem (4x01). No Will AU. Back home in D.C, Emily and J.J reflect on the chaos that they just witnessed.

They are finally home. It's been a hell of a few days. The team has all been given a few days off to recover from the nightmare of a case they just worked. Entering their shared apartment, both women drop their go bags on the floor, not caring where they land. 

"Hey. How about we shower and then just head to bed?" J.J suggests.

"Sounds good," Emily yawns, "You take the first one. I'll make some sandwiches" 

J.J nods and goes to shower after kissing Emily's check. Emily grabs some bread and turkey from the fridge. She occupies herself by making two sandwiches,  not allowing the bad thoughts to consume her. Thoughts of what if it was J.J instead of Kate or Cooper. Thoughts of J.J, dead at the hands of a bomber. The raven haired woman shakes it off, telling herself to get a grip. Everyone on the team is fine and Cooper will be fine as well. Unfortunately, Kate did die, though. "J.J wasn't even injured. She is safe and sound," she reasons, "you should be tougher than this."

J.J comes out of the shower and while she eats her sandwich, Emily showers. Emily eats her sandwhich after, even though her stomach is in knots. They both head to bed and climb in. The moment J.J reaches over and flicks off the lamp and wraps Emily in her arms, Emily breaks down into sobs that wrack her entire body.

"Hey, Em, baby. What's wrong?" J.J frowns, holding Emily close to her.

"I... You could have died. When we couldn't get you on the phone, I thought you were gone," Emily sobs into the blonde's chest.

"I'm not though. I'm right here, love, and the team is alright. Just breathe, Em. Nice and slow," J.J soothes.

Eventually after some deep breaths, Emily manages to calm down. She snuggles further into J.J, breathing in her scent to ground her. J.J is okay, she is okay, everyone is okay. 

"I'm sorry," Emily whispers.

"Nope. None of that. You never have to apologize to me for being upset," J.J replies.

"Okay. I love you, Jayge," Emily nods, "so much."

"I love you too, Em. Now, get some rest," J.J says, kissing her girlfriend's forehead.

Emily nods, and soon, they are both asleep. Tomorrow is a new day and Emily plans on spending it relaxing with J.J, safe and sound in their apartment. 

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