Speechless (Hizzie)

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No powers AU: Hope gets out of a toxic relationship with Landon. A few months later she starts dating Lizzie. TW:cheating and past emotionally abusive relationship

Hope has been with Landon Kirby for five months. Five months of his toxic, cheating behavior. He constantly disrespects her and her boundaries. The worse, however, is his cheating and then gaslighting her into thinking it's her fault he cheated. Today, however, she caught him red-handed with some random redhead. Once she has kicked the random woman out, she turns towards Landon, fire in her blue eyes.

"I'm done, Landon. I'm done with your shit. You cheat, lie, and treat me horribly. Don't call me," Hope states before storming out. 

She feels relief as she gets into her car and drives away. Hope is so done with him. Once she's home, she texts her best friend, Penelope Park. The pair grew up in the same neighborhood and are like sisters. The news gets her a thumbs-up emoji and a "when you're ready, I have someone I think you should meet".


It doesn't take Hope long to get over Landon. He's a jerk and she knows she deserves better. I mean, she is Hope freaking Mikaelson, after all. So, about a month or two after breaking in off with Landon, she tells Penelope that she is ready to try dating again. Penelope is thrilled at this and introduces Hope to Lizzie, Josie's (Penelope's long-time girlfriend) twin sister. 

The first time Hope meets Lizzie Saltzman, she is speechless. The tall blonde is breathtakingly beautiful. She is confident and always makes Hope laugh. When they are alone together, Lizzie is a total softie. She's always telling Hope how perfect she is and how lucky she is to have her in her life. Hope always replies by kissing her, loving the way their lips move together in synch.

After their first time, they just lay there in each other's arms. Hope can't stop smiling and the blonde can't either. Lizzie is so happy Penelope, who she'll admit she didn't like at first when she started dating her sister, introduced her to Hope. She asked Hope to be her girlfriend soon after this, and Hope said yes, of course. 

Now, it's been two years. Two years of mostly bliss. They fight, of course, but what couple doesn't? They have been happier with each other than they have ever been with their exes. As Hope sits in her apartment drawing a picture of Lizzie, she realizes that she wants to spend the rest of her life loving the girl who still makes her speechless. She wants to ask Lizzie to marry her. 

She knows Lizzie isn't close with her father, who was often absent throughout her childhood. So, she invited Josie and Caroline, the twin's mother, to lunch. When she asks them if she has their permission to propose to Lizzie, both agree without a second thought. They know how well Hope treats Lizzie and have come to view Hope as part of the family. 

Hope proposes to Lizzie that night after taking the blonde out for a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. It is snowing lightly as they walk around the town after dinner, hand in hand. Getting down on one knee, Hope pops the question. Lizzie says yes before Hope even finishes. Grinning, Hope places the princess-cut diamond ring onto her new fiance's finger. Lizzie helps her to her feet and they kiss as snow falls around them, looking forward to their future. Hope vows to herself then and there that she will love Lizzie, always and forever.

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