Heartbreak (Hizzie)

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No Powers AU: Hope breaks up with Lizzie to get back with Landon. What Lizzie doesn't know is that Hope only did it because Landon threatened that he would kill Lizzie if Hope didn't get back with him. Penelope comes over angry that Hope broke her best friend's heart (Pizzie BroTP for the win) and Hope breaks down and explains why she did it.

Josie comes home to the apartment she shares with her twin sister Lizzie to find the blonde sobbing on the couch, clutching the stuffed bear her girlfriend of over a year, Hope, gave her for Valentine's Day. Josie rushes to her sister's side and brushes blonde locks out of Lizzie's tearstained face.

"Lizzie, what happened? Are you alright?" Josie questions anxiously. She hasn't seen the blonde cry like this in a long time.

"Hope broke up with me to get back with Landon," Lizzie sobs.

"Oh Liz. I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?" Josie sighs.

"Cuddles and ice cream," Lizzie whimpers.

"Alright," Josie agrees.

Josie sits beside her sister and pulls Lizzie into her arms. Lizzie continues to sniffle as Josie texts Penelope, her girlfriend and Lizzie's best friend, explaining what is happening and to bring some ice cream over. Penelope arrives within the hour with a giant tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a fire in her eyes. She puts it on the coffee table.

"Oh Liz. I swear to god I'll beat Mikaelson's ass," Penelope growls.

"No. I still love her," Lizzie replies softly.

"I know, but I am not her biggest fan right now. Now, eat up, Saltzman," Penelope orders, handing Lizzie the ice cream and a spoon.

After eating some ice cream, Lizzie falls asleep in Josie's arms. Josie looks at Penelope sadly. The raven haired girl sighs sadly, placing a kiss on Josie's forehead. She gets up and slips her shoes on.

"Where are you going?" Josie questions.

"To talk to one Hope Mikaelson. I've known Hope since we were little kids, Jo Jo. There has to be a reason why she left Lizzie for Landon. She can't stand him since their breakup. He's an ass. I'll be back soon," Penelope tells her girlfriend.

"Okay. I love you, Penny," Josie says.

"I love you too, Josie," Penelope replies.

Penelope grabs her keys and heads straight to Hope's apartment. She knocks on the door angrily. Hope opens it, eyes red and puffy from crying. Penelope barges inside, glaring at Hope.

"Want to tell me why my best friend just cried herself to sleep in Josie's arms? What on earth were you thinking? Lizzie treats you right. Just last night you were texting me about how much you love her. Why did you leave her for Landon Kirby of all people?" Penelope growls.

"I had no choice, Penelope! Landon said he would kill Lizzie if I didn't break up with her and get back with him! You know I'm in love with Lizzie. I didn't want to, but I'm scared she'd get hurt if I didn't listen," Hope sobs.

"Hope. You should have told me. You know I'm a lawyer. We can get you and Lizzie restraining orders against him. I love you, you big idiot. I know you're scared of him, but we can make it so that he can't go near you or Lizzie again. Okay, Hope?" Penelope sighs, pulling Hope into her arms.

"Okay," Hope sniffles, "I'll get a restraining order."

"Good. Now, put some shoes on. You are going to explain what happened to Lizzie and fix things," Penelope orders.

Hope quickly slips on some shoes and the pair drive to the twin's apartment. Penelope uses her key to let them in. The pair find Lizzie now awake on the couch. She whimpers as she sees Hope, causing Hope's heart to break into a million pieces. She caused Lizzie's pain and for that she doesn't know if she will ever be able to forgive herself. Hope kneels in front of Lizzie, ignoring Josie's glare.

"Liz, I love you. I broke up with you because Landon said he would kill you if I didn't break up with you and get back with him. Penelope said she would get us restraining orders. I didn't want to leave you, babe. I was just scared that he would actually go through with it. Will you take me back?" Hope begs.

"Only if you promise to never leave me again," Lizzie replies.

"I promise. I'm so sorry, baby," Hope swears.

"I know. Now come here and kiss me," Lizzie smiles softly.

Hope gently cups Lizzie's check and kisses her lovingly. The moment their lips touch, Lizzie melts into Hope. She is happy to have Hope in her life again, and knows that together, they will ensure that Landon never screws with their relationship again.

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