We were finally in California and I'll be the first to admit, I didn't expect how much I'd fall in love with it all - the warm weather, the sun shining everyday, the beautiful beaches. Even the people. The people were different; they were relaxed unlike the up-tight business people in New York.

Don't get me wrong, I had a small place in my heart dedicated to NY - my dreams came true there - but the juxtaposition was obvious. Each had their own pros and cons.

I was currently spinning around in a black swivel chair as Mat was in the recording booth. LP had left to fetch us some more coffee a while ago. I stopped mid-spin to check the time on the clock near the door. 12:45AM.

My phone began to buzz. I silently stared at it on the small table next to the soundboard. I had a rule.

Don't pick up the phone, Niykee.

Before another second could pass, I picked up the phone as the screen came to life. I smiled almost immediately.

12:52 AM - Kells: I'm beyond fuckin' hammered right now. I'm hosting for the night. What are you up to?

I quickly typed back a response and put my phone back - faced down - on the table.

It had been about a week since we arrived in California. I wouldn't admit this to anyone - especially to Lauren - but Kells and I have been talking non-stop since. I wasn't sure if it was the loneliness I was feeling being in a new city or just the fact that he was incredibly easy to talk to that lured me in. And it wasn't inappropriate in any way. If we weren't talking about music we were working on, he was telling me about the upcoming tour he was planning or just random thoughts that popped into his head during the day.

The other day he was telling me about his new tattoo idea when we had gotten onto the subject of my own. I had a few small ones in different locations on my body. They're all really personal so I don't talk about them much. I got my first one when I was 14 years old. It was a few years after Rachel passed and we were in South Africa visiting family. I have come to grow a small collection since.

My phone buzzed again just as Mat stepped out of the recording booth. Instead of picking up my phone, I turned my attention to him as he sat down in the swivel chair next to me. He clicked a few things on the computer in front of him before his portion of the song began to play in the speakers overhead. I sat back in my chair, listening.

Once his part of the duet had ended, he turned to me smiling. "Are you ready to get in?" He asked, motioning to the booth.

I nodded. "Always."

I got up from my chair and headed inside. I placed the headphones over my ears and sighed, closing my eyes. I allowed my body to relax completely; I was getting into my zone.

The music began to play in my ears as I took a deep breath and opened my mouth. "Let it in - let it be, babe. This is everything you need, baby. We have all this time to waste. I won't even make you wait, so just come and lay with me. And I will show you how, I can show you now. Take a hit and let it o-o-o-out. 'Cause there's a method to my madness. All you needs a little practice. Follow me, baby, you don't have to say a thing. Keep your eyes closed - we can live in reverie. Breathe just a little deeper. There is no better feeling than now and I promise..."

I sighed, finally opening my eyes as the music stopped. I opened my eyes finally turning my attention to the window across from me. Mat was smiling; along side him was Lauren, grinning ear to ear as she placed a tray of Dunkin Donut coffee cups down.

Tyler, one of Mat's engineer friends grabbed a DD cup from Lauren as Mat walked into the recording booth. "That was great, Niykee," he complimented. "I'm really glad you decided to do this with me."

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