It was 3AM and I couldn't sleep. I knew for a fact the studio didn't open their doors until 8AM, so that left me alone with my thoughts. I rolled over in bed, searching for my phone until I found it on the pillow next to me. I brought the screen to life, quickly viewing the notifications I had. A couple dozen from Instagram and a few from Twitter. Momentarily, I bypassed them all, clicking on my Youtube app.

The other day when Kells and I had hung out, he mentioned how he had finished recording a music video for one of his songs that was on his most recent mixtape. He had said he was uploading it the next day; in other words, he wanted me to check it out. I hadn't seen him since our movie and chill session, simply because he was regaining his focus and knew his album needed to be handed in by the end of this week. We had talked here and there, but nothing like our extensive conversations, which was completely fine since I had been recording a few more songs. I guess you could say we were focusing on our careers for the time being. 

I searched for his personal Youtube channel, clicking on the tab for his most recent uploads. Machine Gun Kelly - Almost (Official Music Video). I clicked on the video, waiting patiently for it to load.

During the entire video, all I could think about was A.) how extremely attractive he looked, B.) how talented Kells really was, lyrically, and, C.) how badly I wanted to start filming music videos. I sighed, laying back down. It would be awhile before that; my EP would need to drop first - or at least my first single, if anything.

Then I began to think - what would my first single be?

I got up quickly from bed, grabbing my notebook from my purse. I returned back to the comfortable queen sized bed, rustling through the pages until I found a blank one.

I had sat down with LP the other day and completed a track listing for Diddy. There would be seven songs for the EP and it would be titled, I'm Ready. Five of the seven songs were already recorded, which lessened the amount of stress on me, but regardless I wasn't going to stop writing new material. Deep down, I've always envied the life of a poet, which is probably why I invest so much time in writing my songs. It was something that meant everything to me.

On the blank sheet of paper, I wrote down the track titles in order. Afterward, I closed my notebook and sighed. I placed my notebook on the bed side table when I noticed my phone light up from the corner of my eye.

I grabbed for my phone, against my better judgement. It was a notification from my email account. Most of the time I ignored them, simply because it was usually junk mail, but the sender caught my attention almost immediately. It was a mass email sent from Bad Boy Records, specifically from Diddy's office. It was an invitation to Kells' album listening party, which would be next week. I quickly skimmed through it, searching for the specifics until I closed the app.

It was only a few short minutes until exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.



I turned around at the sound of my name. I grinned when I saw Slim and Dre walking my way. I finished signing my name on the studio sheet and I gave the boys my full attention.

"Hey guys, how are ya?" I adjusted the purse strap on my shoulder. "Hitting the studio again?"

"Actually, we're here to see you," Dre said.

My eyebrows rose, surprised. "Oh, really?" I glanced over to Slim, who had a sly smile on his face. I couldn't figure him out half the time, so why would I be able to now? "Well, here I am. Wanna follow me up to the studio?"

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