I was finally done in LA. Mat was ecstatic with the final product and so was I. His album, Dead Roses, wouldn't be out for another couple of months but when the time came, I'd help him promote for the song; it was apart of the contract but I really didn't mind. Mat was a nice guy and we actually got along really well.

Slim and Kells had been gone for a few days now. LP and I had made the decision to go back to Chicago for a couple of days so I could visit my mom and Blocka, along with every other family member I would need to fit into my schedule when I arrived back home. We needed to be back in NYC by Friday for my meeting with Diddy.

Once we boarded the airplane, LP and I quickly found our seats towards the center of the aircraft. The flight looked a little packed. I just hoped this time we wouldn't be seated next to two pubescent boys continuously trying to flirt with us and add us on Snapchat. Believe it or not, this happened once before on a flight to Florida.

As we finally got seated, LP got comfortable next to me. She dug into her purse for her earbuds, popped them into her ears and was ready to escaped reality for a few hours. I was planning to do the same; I would put my phone on airplane mode as soon as we took off.

11:32AM - Kells: Have a good flight. Let me know when ya'll land.

11:34AM - Niykee: Got you.

We were on good terms. Neither of us mentioned that night again and I felt confident that we could get passed it with no problem.

Last night, after I had gotten home from the studio, he had called me to talk - nothing serious. Just to chat about our day, as if we hadn't already been talking all day. Our friendship was weird - complicated, but good. I didn't expect anything from him and he didn't expect anything from me. We were on the same page.

I hadn't told Lauren about it - only because she would blow it out of proportion. She would read too much into it, interrogate me, and then interrogate Kells. It wasn't worth the hassle. I would tell her eventually - just not now.

About four hours later, we arrived in Chicago. My family had no idea I was back on home soil, but they would soon find out. After Lauren and I got off the plane and gathered our luggage, we hauled a cab to take us to my childhood home. Chicago was a pretty large city; but the usual bumper to bumper traffic was nonexistent. The cab driver got us there in less than twenty minutes.

My fingers began to tingle at the anticipation. Just as we were turning onto my street, my phone began to vibrate in my lap. My mother's cellphone number flashed across the screen. My eyes widened as I look at LP.

"Stop the car, please!" I said before answering the call. "Hello?"

"Hey, sweetheart, how's your day so far?" she greeted.

"It's great actually. But let me call you back in a few minutes, okay?"

She agreed and hung up before I sucked in my breath. I turned to LP. "Mom," I answered her unasked question. Her eyebrows rose but she stayed silent.

"It's the white house on the left," I told the cab driver as he began to slowly drive down the road again. Without another word, we pulled in, paid the older man, and grabbed our belongings out of the car.

I had a ton of shit to bring home - souvenirs, new clothes and accessories. I had no idea where to put it all. And on top of that, I would soon need to repack all of my belongings to move in with LP. I put the thought in the back of my brain for a rainy day.

We struggled significantly with our stuff, but managed to make it to the front door. I glanced back to Lauren, who smiled encouragingly at me. I sucked in a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

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