Saturday.  5:45PM.

Lauren and I climbed out of the Uber, with our purses and one duffle in hand. The rest of our belongings were in the trunk of the SUV. Our Uber driver, Charlie, attempted on hitting on us the moment he realized we were his customers; it was sorta amusing, the way he tried to impress us.

He had sandy blonde hair, and glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose. He seemed young; he told us about his work out routine and the best places to eat healthy food in LA, but little did he know, LP and I weren't on that healthy wave.

As Charlie grabbed our bags from the trunk, a bellboy came outside with a luggage cart. LP and I hadn't settled on a place to live yet, so in the mean time, we were staying in downtown LA at a hotel Slim and Kells had recommended.

I smiled at the bellboy as he began to pick up our bags off the sidewalk. I turned back to Charlie, who was grabbing the last of our things. "Do you know where the closest Taco Bell is?" I asked.

Lauren stifled a laugh at his reaction; I definitely caught him off guard, especially with all his healthy food talk. I smirked as he tried to compose himself.

"Uh," he began, looking around. "I'm not completely sure, to be honest."

I shrugged. "I'll figure it out. Too much healthy shit around here."

His eyebrows rose, but he didn't say anything. Lauren laughed as the bellboy grabbed the rest of our things. "Thank you," I smiled to Charlie, as I turned around and began walking toward the entrance with Lauren.

The hotel's lobby was huge; it had a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a bar in the far left, and a dining room section as well. Lauren and I walked up to the front desk, smiling.

The older lady looked up from her computer, giving us a warm greeting. "Checking in?" She asked.

Lauren nodded, and began to supply her with all the information as I dug in my hoodie pocket for my phone. I hadn't spoken to Kells since I left his hotel this morning. I told him I'd let him know once we got to the hotel.

A smile spread across my face as I thought about him. I told Lauren about what had happened while on the flight earlier. She was excited for me and gave me the whole "I told you so" spiel that she's been waiting to give me for years. All I had done was roll my eyes and let her have her moment.

I unlocked my Galaxy, heading straight to my messages first, disregarding my notifications. First I texted my mom, letting her know we got to LA safely. I had promised her once we got settled into our own place, I'd fly her out here to see LA. Second I texted Kells, letting him know we had gotten to the hotel.

Within a few minutes, I had gotten a response from him.

5:58PM - Kells: glad y'all got there safe, already miss ur ass.

Lauren called my name, breaking me out of my little bubble. She was walking backwards toward the elevators as she motioned me to follow her. The bellboy, with his cart, was not too far behind. As we waited for the elevator, Lauren turned to me.

"I want to start looking at some places," she started. "You know I love the room service life," she smiled. "But I want my own bed - my own room," there was a slight twinkle in her eyes as she spoke the next words. "My own bathroom."

I chuckled, nodding. "I'm down. We can grab some real estate pamphlets and go exploring."

Lauren looked at me side-ways for a moment as the elevator dinged its arrival to our floor. "You want to go out and do something physical?" she asked for clarification. I laughed almost immediately.

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