It was around 2AM when Kells finally fell asleep. I made my escape then.

I had gathered my clothes off the ground, grabbed my Galaxy phone and rushed out the door. I didn't want him to wake up and witness me leaving. As I went to close the door behind me, I took one last glance at his sleeping body. He was still dressed in jeans, his torso bare. He lay on his stomach on the opposite side of the bed in which I had awaken a few minutes before.

I smiled as I watched his body slowly rise and fall as he slept. Finally, I closed the door behind me. As I walked down the dark hall, I pulled on my denim shorts and shrugged on my top. I sighed as I departed from the suite.

As I walked down the hall to my own hotel room, I couldn't stop replaying the last few hours in my head. It seemed to play in my mind as a movie I had vaguely seen a trailer to but didn't fully digest the plot yet; my interest hadn't peaked fully yet, but my curiosity had.

I wasn't the type of girl to give it all away in one night; I had more respect for myself then that. But to my surprise, he hadn't tried. Kells didn't try to ravish all of me - just a small fraction.

It seemed out of place for him, but all in all, it was nice. Although it had gotten hot and heavy at one point, all we had done was make out. It had gotten a little too far, ergo my appearance when I woke up.

As I entered my hotel room, I quickly shut it behind me. I lazily stripped down again until I was left in my underwear and bralette. I tied my long blonde hair into a ponytail and sighed.

I wasn't sure if our little make out session was going to change our friendship.

We didn't have a sober frame of mind intact; our rash decisions led by the mind-altering drugs we had smoked not that long before. Just blame it all on the drugs. That's what he did initially anyways.

I must have fallen into a deep sleep because my eyelids didn't open until 3PM. As I yawned and stretched out my arms, I took note that LP was still not in the hotel room or in her bed across the way.

As I adjusted myself in bed, I reached over for my phone. The screen lit at my touch. I had a few dozen notifications - mostly from Instagram and Twitter. But in the list were also a few text messages. One from my mom, two from LP, and one from Kells.

My stomach turned violently at the sight of his name. I unlocked the phone, first checking in with my mom. She was giving me her daily update on Blocka with an attached photo. I grinned from ear to ear as I read that my pride and joy was now potty trained. I was definitely a proud mama. I made a mental note to go home and visit after leaving LA.

I knew that after my session with Mat was finished and mastered, Diddy wanted to see me back in NYC to discuss my progress on my project. I would make sure to give myself a few personal days before heading back to the Big Apple.

I then checked Lauren's text. She informed me that she was going to be at the boardwalk with Slim and Kells for a few hours and that I should join. I grimaced at the thought and brushed it. It was from a few hours ago anyways.

My eyes landed on Kells' name next as I clicked the unread text message.

12:54PM - Kells: We should talk. Hit me up later.

I sighed loudly, placing my phone down on the bed.

I figured there wasn't anything to talk about. He knew how I felt when it came to being in serious relationship and I know how he felt too. There was nothing to talk about. What had happened, happened. It couldn't be changed - I accepted that. But nothing should come out of it - that was certain. I needed to get this straight with him, as soon as possible.

I picked my phone up again, opening to his text message, and quickly wrote back a response.

3:22PM - Niykee: Come see me when you come back to the hotel. Staying in until 7pm and then I'm headed to the studio.

3:23PM - Niykee: Bring me the biggest bag of Doritos you can find.

A few minutes passed before my phone buzzed in my hand.

3:27PM - Kells: Got you, babygirl. See you soon.

My eyes remained locked on the word. Babygirl. A shiver went through my spine. I couldn't distinguish if it was a good sign or bad, but regardless I pushed it to the back of my brain.

I clicked on my Pandora App as I pushed myself out of bed. I grabbed two towels from the rack and made my way into the bathroom.

The Way by Kehlani & Chance the Rapper began to play. I hummed along with the song as I turned on the shower. I adjusted the temperature, stripped down to my birthday suit and hopped in.

As I sang along to the song, scrubbing the shampoo out of my hair, flashbacks of last night continued to play in my mind. I honestly couldn't remember when a single hook-up like this had such a large impact on me. The way he had held me, touched me, kissed me - it wasn't his normal M.O. Something was different.

Honestly, I didn't want to keep reading into it.

I finished up in the shower and got out. As I wrapped the clean towel around my body, I heard a light tap on the door. I shut off my phone and hustled out of the bathroom before I opened the hotel room door.

He grinned as he took in my appearance. I could feel water droplets drip down from my hair to the carpeted ground. In his right hand was a white plastic bag; inside, I could make out the familiar color and shape of a Doritos bag. Now it was my turn to grin.

"If this is my reward for buying you a bag of chips, I'll do it hella often," he smirked as he took a step into the room. I rolled my eyes as I snatched the bag from him. He was dressed in cut-off denim shorts and a Nirvana tank top. I closed the door behind him as he made himself comfortable on my bed.

"Where's Lauren?" I asked as I took the large red bag out and began to open it.

"She and Slim went to the movies. Definitely did not want to tag along. I'm glad you texted back," he smiled.

I nodded once as I popped a chip into my mouth. It tasted like heaven. I popped in another as I looked back at him. "I'm gonna get dressed real quick."

Before he could respond, I grabbed the first pair of clean, black leggings my eyes laid on and a cut-out tank and headed back into the bathroom. After getting dressed and brushing through my damp hair, I made my appearance known again. I grabbed the bag of open Doritos and sat across from him on the bed.

"You wanted to talk, so let's talk," I said, stuffing another chip into my mouth. He chuckled but then nodded, getting serious again.

"About last night..." He began, shifting his weight on the bed. I glanced up at him. I began to shake my head as he struggled to find his words.

"Don't let it complicate anything," I said, nonchalantly. "We're both single. It occurred impulsively. Don't read too much into it."

"Really?" He sighed. He seemed relieved. "I was worried it would ruin shit between you and I," he smiled. "I like having you as a friend. A little too much, maybe."

I smiled. "We're good, Kells."

He rubbed his hands together, sighing. "Good," he grinned. "That was a lot easier than I thought it was gonn' be."  He got up from the bed. "I gotta head out." He took a few steps toward the door. "I'm meeting someone in a few. Hit me up when you get back from the studio - we can smoke and chill."

I nodded as I watched him make his final steps to the door.

"I'll see you later, Niyk," was what he said before he closed the door.

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