I placed the headphones back on it's stand, sighing to myself. I exited the recording booth, guitar in hand. I walked passed my phone, which was sitting on the couch near my purse. I glanced at the time on the wall. 4:04AM.

I sat down in front of the computer monitor, clicking away to playback my song. As I sat back and listened to it, my mind wandered. First to LP and whether she had tried to get in contact with me. Or maybe she was too invested in Slim to care about my whereabouts. Second, I thought of Kells and how pissed off at him I really was. How could he ruin what we had so easily? How could he ruin what he had with Amber so soon? I rolled my eyes, getting aggravated once again as I kept thinking about the situation. My mind wandered to Blocka finally and how much I wanted to hold her and squeeze her; she made everything better.

I paused the song then, an idea forming in my brain. Let me be a tease.

I snatched my phone off the couch and brought the screen to life. Huh, looked like some people did care where I was. Lauren had called and texted numerous times but seemed to have given up about twenty minutes ago. I even had a call from Slim. But that was it.

I unlocked my phone and opened my Snapchat app. I had just installed the app on my phone and was just starting to get the hang of it. Tons of my fans had already added me in hopes of finding out when new music would be released. Tonight, I was going to tease.

I faced the camera towards me, smiling. I began to record. "Hey everyone, I got a little something I just got done recording and want to show you..." As the video ran out of seconds, I quickly posted it and began to play my song. I began to record a video of nothing in particular, just hoping everyone could hear the song clearly.

"You can pray, you can hope when it's all gone away. Oh, what a thing to lose. Oh, oh no, oh no..."

I stopped the song and posted the video. I'll see some reactions tomorrow on Twitter about it. As for tonight, I was done. I saved my progress, gathering all my belongings and switched off the light in the studio.

I exited the building, feeling the cool breeze New York produced at night. I smiled, watching pedestrians walk around me to their destinations. The city that never sleeps.


I had only gotten a few hours of sleep before I was back at Bad Boy. Lauren tagged along; she claimed she was a little worried about me. I wasn't sure why, but I was too tired to interrogate. I planned on getting through some songs today, plus I wanted Slim to help tinker and perfect Rain Dog.

"So I guess Kells went back to the hotel hammered last night," Lauren was telling me as I signed out an empty studio at the main desk. "Slim and the guys had no idea he was even out. I guess he was with Amber and they had a fight."

After signing my name, I glanced over at her. "How do you know they had a fight?"

She shrugged. "I guess Kells slurred something about it to Dre. Dre then told Slim... You can put the rest together."

I led the way to the elevator, listening as Lauren spoke.

"He didn't say much else and eventually, he passed out. They were supposed to be here today but I'm not sure that's going to happen now."

I'm sure he'd still be here anyways; it was as if he was immune to getting hungover. Kells had an extreme type of work ethic where he didn't allow anything to get in his way, especially a tiny hangover. "But Slim is still coming by, right?" I asked.

"Of course," she smiled. "He said he'd help."

As we reached the floor and exited the elevator, I could already hear the vibration of the bass at my feet as it echoed off the walls. There was only one studio light on. I glanced back at Lauren, who was just as curious as me as she followed close behind while I inched towards the door.

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