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It had been a few days since the party and I was still recovering. I was doing my best to stay entertained so my mind wouldn't wander to other things.. such as Kells. We'd talked on the phone every night since he had left, yet never addressed the elephant in the room. We hadn't spoken again about that day.. that almost kiss.. and what it could possibly mean for us, in general. Instead, I chose to focus that energy into songwriting and producing some music.

I closed my eyes, lightly tapping my foot to the soft beat. My fingers mimicked the electric guitar's notes as they rose above the beat.

"I just wanna call to let you know, I miss you so. Shouldn't have let you go. I miss you so, I'll take off my mask if you take off yours," I mouthed my lyrics as I heard them sing back to me through the playback. I glanced to Lauren, who was grabbing our laptop out of her Chanel backpack. She either had the MacBook or iPad handy at all times when we had studio time booked. Never know when some inspiration was going to need to be borrowed from the Niykee Heaton song archive.

"Could've loved you worse. I'm not going to cry, but it fucking hurts. Tell me what's it worth? Let's set it on fire and watch it burn."

As the chorus played back in the studio's sound system, I heard Lauren's phone begin to ring. I turned to A.K, motioning for him to pause the song. I knew from the ringtone it was Slim calling. I hadn't spoken to Kells all day and was a bit curious of why; maybe I could find out some information now.

"Hey babe," Lauren said into the phone. She held the receiver to her mouth; he was on speaker. Jackpot.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked. I could hear voices in the background.

"In the studio with Niykee," she responded, glancing over to me, smiling. "We'll probably be here most of the day."

"Good shit," Slim said. "We're at Ashleigh's mom's house, visiting. It's probably going to be an early night for us. I have some last minute packing. Kells hasn't even started; he's been writing nonstop. I can't get the nigga to put the pen down, it's crazy."

Lauren laughed. "What time does your flight leave tomorrow?"

"12:45pm," he answered. "The party is going to be dope." He was referring to Kells' listening party. God damnit. I still didn't know what I was going to wear yet.

"Okay, text me when you get back home. I can't wait to see you tomorrow," I heard the excitement in Lauren's voice. I was truly happy for my bestfriend; she had found someone who actually cared about her, unlike the others. He was definitely an upgrade, and I could see them lasting for awhile.

"Me too, babe," he responded. They said their goodbyes and hung up. I turned my attention back to A.K, who had began looking at his phone waiting for me to give him the sign to resume the playback.

"Play it back, please," I smiled at him. He glanced up from the device and nodded. In just a few moments, music began to play in the speakers. I grabbed my phone, opening my snapchat app to give my fans a taste of what is to come.

"Went a long way home, pretty little thing shouldn't walk alone..."

I quickly posted the video with nothing but a caption reading, "new 🎶 coming soon".

I grabbed the laptop from Lauren and quickly logged on. I opened up my documents searching for my special folder. I read past each title before my eyes landed on one word written in bold font, "KING".

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