Friday. 10:15AM.

Lauren's alarm clock began to go off. I reluctantly opened my eyes, sighing loudly. After a few seconds, the alarm didn't stop. "Lauren!" I yelled. "Turn that shit off!" I threw my pillow over my face to try and block out the sound but it didn't work. "Lauren!" I shouted.

I heard her groan loudly from her bed across the way. Our hotel room was huge; it housed two queen size beds, an entertainment center, and all the necessary furniture we needed to reside for a month or two. Although we shared a room, it had a dividing door which allowed us to have our privacy whenever we wanted. Most of the time we left it open; Lauren and I never got tired of each other. We were an open book.

I heard her bed squeak slightly as she got out of bed. The alarm then shut off, which allowed me to relax.

"Are you getting up?" she asked, passing by the open doorway.

"Why the hell would I?" I questioned, adjusting myself in bed to a more comfortable position. "I'm going back to sleep." I began to close my eyes as I heard her voice from the doorway again.

"The only reason I'm up is to go pick up the guys from the airport," she explained. "I need to shower and stuff."

I opened my left eye to peek at her. "Basically you want to look good for Slim."

"Obviously," she smiled at me. She folded her arms across her chest as she leaned against the doorway. "Can you come with me?"

I shook my head. "With all their bags, there won't even be any room for me."

"Come on," she egged on. "Don't you want to see them?"

"Not that bad," I said, closing my eyes again. "Wake me up when you get back."

It was about two hours later when there was a loud banging on my hotel room door. It startled me out of my deep sleep; I reluctantly jumped out of bed.

My first thought was that Lauren forgot her key. I sighed, swinging the door open. "How many times do I have to tell you, Lauren, don't forget your -" I stopped short as my eyes laid on his familiar blue eyes.

His eyes scanned down my body, his eyebrows rose while a smirk formed on his face. I glanced down at myself; I was wearing a black tank top and a pair of boy panties. I shrugged and glanced back up at him. "You're not Lauren."

"I'm not," he smiled. He glanced down the hall toward the elevators. "We got a suite down the hall. She told me to come wake yo' ass up."

I rolled my eyes. "Sounds like her." I smiled, leaning against the door frame. "I see you made it to LA in one piece."

He chuckled. I glanced into the room behind me then back at him. "Want to come in? I just gotta change real quick."

He shook his head. "I'll wait out here."

My eyebrows shot up. "You sure?"

He nodded. I took a step back into the room, closing the door.

I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, frantically looking around my room until I found my denim cut-off shorts and a clean white tank top. I pulled on some black sandals before grabbing my phone and cross-body bag and heading out the door.

Kells was still there; he was leaning against the wall next to the door. He was patiently waiting, scrolling through his phone when I walked out of the door. He glanced up at me, stuffing his phone in his back denim pocket and smiled.

"So what are we doing?" I asked as we began to walk down the hall.

"Tagging along on a date, I guess," he laughed.

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