The entire elevator ride up, my hands wouldn't stop shaking. I was nervous - anyone could see that. I was nervous that picking up and moving my life to another state - for the second time, might I add - would fuck up most of what I had right now.

It's not that I was scared of the location itself - Los Angeles was beautiful and had all the right connections I needed into making it big in the music industry, but I just wasn't so sure if I wanted to make a name for myself piggybacking on someone else's name.

Who knows - maybe the sunshine would be good for us. Maybe the move would benefit us in the long run. California was beautiful; I had no real complaints about the sunny location, just the timing of it all.

Lauren gently grabbed my hand, holding it in her own. I glanced over at her as the elevator dinged, signaling our arrival; she was smiling encouragingly. She knew exactly was going through my mind - that's why she was my best friend.

"It's gonna be okay," she smiled. "We got this. We always come out on top."

Yeah, she was right. Any hurdle we had in our way before, we had overcome. This was just another hurdle.

We exited the elevator, heading towards Diddy's office. Darla was sitting at her desk, typing away on her computer until she noticed us walking up. She grinned. "Hi girls," she welcomed warmly. "He's inside his office, ready for you."

My stomach turned, but I smiled, nodding toward her. We walked into his office a moment later. He was at his desk, shuffling through some paperwork when we walked in; he glanced up and grinned. "Niykee. Lauren. It's great to see you girls."

We sat down across from him; my leg wouldn't stop bouncing. My anxiety was at an all time high.

"How are you, girls?" He asked, smiling. He seemed like he was in a good mood.

Lauren spoke up first. "We're great." She glanced at me from the corner of her eye. That was my cue.

I sighed. "I feel like I say this every time we meet, but I do have a lot done - as far as song recording goes."

He nodded his head. "Good, that's good to hear." He cleared his throat, looking serious. "I arranged this meeting because I wanted to talk to you a little about the EP. What I want to do is actually send you and Lauren to Los Angeles." He paused for a moment. "I know that seems a little out there, especially with having you two move out to New York a few months ago. But I have reasoning behind this -"

A million thoughts ran through my mind, but I wanted to hear him out first.

"Not only are there more producers out there, but also the vibe is different. And I know you felt that when you went out there to record with Blackbear," he continued. "Even I feel it when visiting our offices out there. I think putting you - a natural born song writer - in an environment like that, will benefit you extremely."

"Of course, you do have a say - both of you. I realize this is not initially what you signed up for and I would understand some hesitation toward the decision, but that also brings me to my next point..." he paused. "I want you to book a few shows. I spoke to Jimmy about this and he agrees that doing some shows will definitely be great publicity."

"Now with all this being said, if you move to Los Angeles, I plan on erasing the idea of an EP, and have you release your first album..."

My heart stopped. I glanced to Lauren, who was already looking at me, surprise written all over her face.

"Do.. do you mind if we step out and talk?" I asked, gesturing to Lauren.

He nodded his head. "Yes, of course," he said. "I just want you to be open to the opportunities that this could bring."

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