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"So he wants us to relocate to California?" she asked as she twirled the fork in her slim fingers.

I nodded, sighing. "Not permanently - just for a few weeks. I know we were planning on getting an apartment here if I got signed," I began. "But I feel we shouldn't make such a quick decision like that - especially this early. We've only been in New York City for a little over two weeks. Are we sure we want to make it our permanent home?"

"I like it here," Lauren said. She took a bite of her scramble eggs. "It was a good idea at the time, but you're right - we shouldn't be so rash with our decisions. Plus going to LA would definetely get your name out in the industry. New York is great, but LA is definitely a better scenery for you."

I took a bite of my toast; I had covered it in grape jelly - my favorite. It tasted amazing. I was starving, but then again - when was I ever not hungry?  We had ordered room service this morning since we were too lazy to actually go out to a restaurant and eat breakfast. Afterwards we were heading to Bad Boy for another meeting with Diddy since Lauren was back.

"Let's just go to the meeting and then talk about it. You weren't here when I had initially spoken to him," I concluded.

She nodded her head, eating some more of her breakfast before she spoke. "So who's this artist that wants to work with you?"

My eyes lit up. I felt as if I was telling everyone I encountered with that I was being summoned for a collaboration. I was beyond excited. "His name is Mat," I shrugged, nonchalantly, attempting to play cool. "Stage name is Black Bear. I've never heard of him before. I was talking to Kells about it the other day; apparently they've worked together. He said he's pretty chill and really talented." I looked up from my plate to Lauren's dark eyes on me - a smile playing at her lips. I furrowed my eyebrows together. "What?" I asked.

"You talked to Kells about this?"

I rolled my eyes. "Why must you make everything such a big deal when I mention him?"

She shrugged. "You never talk about guys so it's a little weird when you do - even in a friendly way."

I took another bite of my toast just as my phone vibrated on the table. I turned it over just before the screen turned black.

Kells: What are you girls doing tonight? Having a little get together. Ya'll should come by.

I glanced up at Lauren, who was devouring her bacon; I chuckled slightly as she finished. "Speaking of the devil," I mumbled. "We just got invited to a party tonight. You down?"

Lauren shrugged. "Got nothing better to do."


It was official - LP and I were packing our bags and headed to California this weekend. I wasn't sure exactly how long we were going to be there for, but I was excited. I was starting a new, new chapter of my life.

"This is the place," the Uber driver said to us, motioning to a hotel building on the right. I glanced out the window; we were parked in front of the address Kells had given me for the party. I glanced over at LP and shrugged as she quickly paid the older man. We got out of the car and headed for the entrance.

"I'm not looking forward to packing, that's for sure," Lauren said as we walked across the hotel lobby to the main elevators. I grimaced, thinking about all my suitcases and transporting them to the airport - it was always a disaster. "I always forget something."

I laughed. As we finally made it to the correct floor of the hotel, I searched for the suite number Kells had given me. 585. As we made our way down the hall, the loud bass coming from the third door on the right gave away the location immediately.

I knocked on the door and within moments, it flung open. Slim grinned. "Aye my girls!" He greeted; he was holding a red solo cup. He was dressed in a black hoodie, jeans, black Nike's and pulled the outfit together with a black EST19XX snapback. He engulfed me in a quick hug and then directed all his attention to Lauren. "What's going' on, girl?"

I rolled my eyes, walking past the love birds into a smokey world of complete strangers. The first thing I noticed were all the girls; they seemed all fake - big boobs, large asses, skin-tight stomachs. Something just seemed off about it.

I recognized some of the guys in the corner of the room as the same ones from the club. Unfortunately, I didn't remember any names so walking up to them to start a conversation was definitely out of the picture.

I sighed, walking through the hall to find the kitchen. Music was blasting through my eardrums as I finally spotted a brunette walking into a large doorway. I followed her and smiled, realizing I had found my way to the large kitchen. On the kitchen island were bottles on top of bottles of liquor; Jameson, Hennessy, and Ciroc - just to name a few.

I located a clean, empty red solo cup and chose my poison. After filling my drink, I took a quick sip and turned to exit the kitchen only to bump into someone almost immediately.

I gasped, quickly taking a step back. Lucikly I missed my outfit. I glanced up and grimaced slightly as my eyes met his. His white Nirvana shirt was soaked - thanks to my drink. He had a bottle of Jameson in one hand and with his other he began to ring out his shirt.

"I invite you to my party and this is how you say thank you?" He clicked his tongue but laughed. I smiled apologetically. "We got to stop bumping into each other like this. You got me thinking its fate now."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, keep dreaming." I laughed. "Sorry about your shirt though."

He shrugged it off, handing me his bottle. "No big deal. You can help me pick out another one."

He began to lead the way out of the kitchen down the previous hall. Instead of going towards the direction of the party, he led me in the opposite direction toward a more secluded hall with closed doors on each side. He opened the second one on his left, shrugging off his shirt and threw it on top of the unmade bed.

There were various items of clothing scattered on the floor - even a few bras hanging from the ceiling fan. He must have been collecting while in New York. I cracked a smile, a bit amused.

"I love what you've done with the place," I said finally. He glanced over at me from his suitcase he was kneeling in front of and grinned. "The decor is to die for."

"Thought I'd give it a little EST touch." He turned back to his task and pulled out a few different shirts for me to choose from. He laid them out on the bed and then looked at me expectantly.

I folded my arms across my chest. "Why do I gotta dress you? I can barely dress myself."

"You spilled your drink on my shirt," he pointed out. "It's your duty as a friend."

I sighed, taking in the options - he had three shirts laid out. One was black Avenged Sevenfold tee with a skull on it, the other was a grey button up, and lastly, there was his go-to choice of a white v-neck.

I glanced over at him, taking in his appearance. He was presently wearing a pair of black denim jeans with holes cut at his knees and his signature Chucks. I took a moment to study the artwork on his chest and arms before he cleared his throat. I snapped myself out of my trance, glancing back at the shirts on the bed. "Go with the v-neck," I suggested.

"Always a safe option," he nodded, tossing the other shirts to the side. He shrugged on the white fabric and then glanced over at me. I gave him back his bottle as we headed towards the bedroom door.

"So I'm leaving this weekend," I announced suddenly. My stomach turned slightly; it even took me off guard that I said it. He stopped mid-step as he was reaching for the doorknob. He turned around to face me.


I nodded. "Temporarily. We're going to California."

He brought his right hand to his face; his eyebrows were furrowed together. "Why are you telling me this now?"

I shrugged. "I didn't want to leave and not say anything."

He leaned against the wall as he took a sip out of his bottle. "Friends come and go, Niyk."

"I wanna stay in touch though," I said. "You've taught me a lot. You're a good friend."

He smiled and chuckled. "I think we can work something out."

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