I had begun to work with a ton of different producers on a handful of songs I had already written. Each had their own talent and I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with each. It had been more than a week since I was signed and I was really getting down and dirty when it came to getting my shit done. I was in the studio almost every day, recording, working with producers, trying to get everything right. I wasn't complaining though. I loved it all. Since I had been so focused lately, I hadn't had much time for fun, although LP and I always had time for our Taco Bell runs.

Presently, it was 12:34AM and I was still in the studio. LP had abandoned me to go hang with Slim, which I wasn't upset about. I paced back and forth in the studio as a beat played in the background. I shook my head. "I don't like it," I sighed. "It doesn't go with the lyrics. It's not in sync."

"I know what you mean," he sighed, rubbing his scruffy face. "I can call up some friends and see if they have anything they're working on."

I crinkled my nose and shook my head. "Na, I'll just have to go through the list again." I had been given a bunch of different beats to work with for this song but I felt as if none were right. I walked over to the computer in front of him and began to click a few different beats. I could feel his eyes on me; he swerved around in the swivel chair, attempting to distract himself. I don't blame him necessarily; I was dressed in black leggings with a small tank top. It was what I felt comfortable in. I didn't dress this way purposefully to gain attention.

He cleared his throat as I bent down to get eye-level with the computer.


"Mmm?" I glanced back at him.

He began to shrug off his white shirt off his torso. I furrowed my eyebrows together, watching him. "I know we're friends and all - and I'm totally cool with that," he said. He outstretched the fabric to me, his face pleading. "But you're driving me crazy. Put this on."

I blinked a few times, taking the shirt from him. His face was serious. I couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Seriously?" I chuckled. I sighed, standing up and pulled on the shirt. "Happy?" I smirked.

His eyebrows rose and a smile played at his lips but he didn't respond. As I bent down to the same position as before, a foreign scent invaded my nostrils; it was nice. It was a mixture of YSL cologne and marijuana. I smiled to myself; it was his scent.

My eyes laid on a filename in the computer folder that I didn't recognize; I clicked on it. A beat began to play in the background as I nodded my head to it. After a few seconds, I knew this was the one.

"Did we listen to this one already?" he asked from behind me.

"I don't think so," I said glancing to him. "But I think this is the one."

"Wanna get in the booth and see?"

I nodded, standing up and grabbed my notebook from the table and headed into the recording booth. I closed the door behind me and put the Beats headphones over my ears. I heard Kells' voice.

"Let me know when you're ready," he said. I looked to him through the window and nodded. I flipped open my notebook, finding the desired page and cleared my throat. I closed my eyes for a moment before sighing and nodding again. "Ready," I said into the mic.

I then heard the beat begin to play in my headphones. I harmonized and began to sing. "Feel it race, going numb, got me beating like a drum. What I say when I spill - maybe I should never talk. Na na na na na, aye. Na na na na na, aye. Stories end, people change, but I'm ripping like a page. I don't dream. I'm afraid; see nightmares in the day. Na na na na na, aye. Na na na na na, aye. Say goodnight. I'm still lying awake by your side. And even though I know I shouldn't I'm feeding the monsters I'm afraid to fight." The beat began to change as the chorus approached. "Leave every bottle as empty as my promises, just like the last time I swore I'd get sober for this. I told you I fought 'em, they tempt me. I'm begging to live. Hands on your shoulder, I told ya I'd get sober for this." I glanced up at Kells, gesturing him to cut the music. I heard it stop in my headphones as I took them off my head. I made my way out of the booth into the main room and looked at him expectantly. He was leaning back into his chair, his elbows placed on the armrest as his chin rested on top of his palm. His expression was blank as I walked up to him. "So?" I asked finally.

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