Friday. 4:15 PM.

The plane had landed in Cleveland about twenty minutes ago, yet Lauren and I still sat in the aircraft waiting to be let off. I glanced out of my little window, watching as the men in orange jackets signaled the plane to follow their lead. Lauren groaned next to me; she could be pretty impatient at times.

"Oh my God," she began. "What the hell is taking so long? I'm trying to get off this congested flight."

She was just being dramatic because Kells had booked us in first class; we had all the leg room we could want here. She quickly glanced over at me, as if she could read my thoughts on her being overdramatic.

"What's going on out there?" she asked, peering around me to peek out the window.

I shrugged. "I think they're guiding the plane so we can get off," I said, closing my eyes. I slept some on the flight but not as much as I had originally planned. I'd regret it later, that's for sure.

Most of the flight was spent talking business with Lauren, more specifically picking out my first single, along with brainstorming ideas pertaining to the tour. We were in mutual agreement to take time out of our trip this weekend to sit with Dre and start planning some of the beginning steps, like finding promoters and venues, along with marketing ideas and promoting the new music.

I was confident that I wouldn't have a hard time in promoting, though; I had grown a fairly large fanbase since I had started my covers back on Youtube and they were loyal to no end.

Suddenly the pilot's voice echoed overhead. "We apologize for the inconvenience, passengers. It'll just be another moment until we are ready to disembark. We appreciate your patience with us."

Patience wasn't something Lauren had; she groaned loudly this time. "You've got to be kidding," she muttered.

I chuckled, taking my phone off airplane mode. In a matter of seconds, text messages, emails, and social media notifications began to flood the lock screen of my device.

I immediately recognized a few names; my mom, Slim, Kells and even Mat, who had promised when LP and I came back to California, he'd show us a good time.

My eyes scanned my new Instagram notifications.

g_eazy started following you. 3h.

marty_grimes_ started following you. 2h.

g_eazy liked your photo. 1h.

I began to chuckle, a little amused when Lauren nudged my side. She gestured over to a couple across the way, taking pictures with a selfie-stick. "That's goals," she said to me.

I laughed. "I'll be sure to mention that to Slim."

"Speaking of," Lauren sighed. "We should probably let the boys know we're going to be a little later than expected." She began to type away on her phone. I sighed, glancing out the small window beside me. The plane continued to slowly crawl, following the men dressed in orange to the designated gate.

It was about another half hour before we were let off. Lauren and I grabbed our purses and duffle bags from the overhead compartment and headed off the aircraft. As we walked through the tunnel, heading toward the gate, I began to feel a familiar sensation build up in my stomach; butterflies began to fly around at the thought of seeing Kells again. Even though it hadn't been that long since we had last seen each other, I felt like a little kid about to go to Chuckie Cheese's for the first time; the excitement was apparent.

Lauren glanced back at me, grinning from ear to ear, as sunlight began to appear before us. Just as the exit to the tunnel came into view, Lauren veered to the left, bypassing strangers with their roll-on luggage. My eyes widened as I watched her, rudely bumping into people to try and cut in front of the rest of the passengers to be first in line out of the gate.

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