Chapter 53

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It's hard to turn the page when you know someone won't be in the next chapter, but the story must go on.
Owen's POV:
The whole way back to the house I drive with one hand holding Sang's. I'm not too sure how I got to be so lucky in this life, but I'm not going to complain and mess it up.

When we reach the house I walk around the car and open the door for Sang, and then we begin walking up the drive. She has one hand resting around my upper arm and the other one holding onto my lower arm, while she rests her head slightly against my shoulder.

As soon as I open the door, Sang and I are met with the sound of my brothers arguing over breakfast. I quickly shut the door behind us and follow her as she walks towards the kitchen.

As soon as we enter all of my brothers turn and stare. They are curious. I know they are. I have never taken any of them, even Sean, to the dock. As my brothers analyze us they all seem to be suspicious of what happened but they don't speak on it. Instead, I am grateful when Luke clears his throat. "Good morning cupcake! The kids are at school and we're making breakfast. Some packages got left at the door for you." Luke informs Sang while he continues to whisk what I assume is pancake batter.

In an instant Sang has a large smile on her face and she lets go of me. That physically makes me want to pull her back, but I unclasp our hands and let her go:

Sang runs over and tells Luke 'thank you' with a hug and greets everybody else. Then she is running out of the room towards the living room and I can hear her laugh with joy. "What happened out there?" Axel asks and I know it's time to give my brothers a little bit of information. Nothing too in detail. Just enough to fulfill the curiosity that we all seem to have.

"I took her to the dock. We talked. I feel...content. My mom would have adored Sang and I know that." My voice comes out strong but with a hint of vulnerability.

"You deserve that Mr.Blackbourne." Victor smiles and I nod my head. I might just be able to believe that.
Axel's POV:
"Why don't you all go see what Sang got and we will finish breakfast?" North asks while he, Luke, Brandon, and Marc move around the kitchen.

None of us make objections to that. Time with Sang? A no brainer. We make our way in and Sang has at least four boxes open on the couch and she is rustling through them. "What are those Princess?" Victor questions and Sang's head pops up.

"Christmas is so close. I ordered gifts for the kids online. I think they'll like these. What do you think? Should I have gotten a different color?" Sang asks as she holds up a pink dress that Lily will be sure to love.

"It's perfect." Gabe says in awe.

To be honest, I forgot about Christmas. I haven't even gotten Sang or the kids a present yet. Definitely not the guys. As I'm musing to myself, an uncomfortable thought pops up in my head and I want to let it go, but it begins eating at me as Sang animatedly talks about the presents she bought.

"Sang?" I call her name and she looks toward me with a nod of her head, telling me to go on. "When was the last time you got Christmas presents?" That question makes her pause and a thoughtful look comes over her face. By the several gasps of air that get sucked in it is clear that the other guys had not thought of this either.

"Uhm I don't really know. Why?" Sang asks and I shake my head.

"Sweetie it is just unfair that you never got presents. It's not okay." Kota says and I expect sadness to wash over Sang, but she just laughs.

"I don't mind. Presents aren't what make Christmas. I get so many for the kids because I am able to and I know they are grateful. They always are. Besides, it makes them happy to have things to open." Sang continues unwrapping things while all of us stand there.

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