Chapter 11- A Report

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The boys left Sang's house and made the short trip to Kota's. When they walked into the house everybody was already there.
"Mr.Lee you are late."Mr.Blackbourne states.

"Sang fell asleep by North and she had looked exhausted so we let her sleep for half a movie."
Mr.Blackbourne simply nods his head in acceptance of his answer.

"Okay gentlemen lets starts this off with he details of our mission at Ashley Waters. Our job is to go into the school and find anything suspicious. It is known as a troubled school and we need to find out why. This mission could be possibly dangerous because of potential fights, drugs, and many other aspects. How are you all feeling about it?" Says the professional Mr.Blackbourne.

"Well the nursing side of things need a lot of help. The kids all look pretty rough except for a select few. Principal McCoy and vice principal Hendricks seem off. I believe we can help this school. I am willing and will obey." Dr.Sean Green states.

Just like that all of the boys go around stating what they have observed. In the end there is a chorus of "I am willing, and will obey."

"Now moving on to our next topic. Miss.Sorenson." At this declaration every single one of the boys perked up. "What are your opinions on her, and her life."

"She seems very mature for her age. Sang seems like one of the few good kids at the school. I have noticed she has a high pain tolerance. Sang also seems like she doesn't get much sleep, and is far too skinny for her own good. Anytime she talks about one of her siblings her whole face lights up. She is defiantly the future Mrs.Green." Sean stated with the upmost confidence.

"Sang seems very independent. She didn't like when we wanted to help her with anything. It wasn't in a snobby way though. It was more as if she had always done it. The way she interacts with her siblings is amazing." Kota finishes off slightly blushing.

"God she has fucking beautiful hair. She's very dismissive when any one of us tries to complement her. It isn't that thing that every girl does though. I think she truly doesn't believe how fucking gorgeous she is." Gabe ends his speech with a small smile.

"I haven't really had the chance to meet her properly, but she didn't react to my name in any way. If I get to know her more I am sure I will love her." Victor says with a hopeful smile.

"I talked to her briefly yesterday. She was very kind and was much more worried about Gabe's injuries than her own." Nathan says.

"Sang is a sweet little cupcake. Today when we were walking we talked about our lives. I asked her of she still climbed trees, and ran and did all of that stuff but she said she hadn't in a really long while. Her explanation was,"Life has a way of changing plans." I could tell she missed it all though. It was like she was craving that freedom and didn't even realize it. The whole time she talked Cameron stared up at her soaking in every word she said. They both look at her as if she is the best human in the world." Luke finishes off while slowly running out of breath.

"She isn't the same girl we used to know. She had some pain in her eyes when we were younger because of her father leaving her, but it is so much worse now. However she is still the sweet loving girl who blushes at anything and everything. She was so understanding when I explained what happened with North and I. I have a feeling we will be fighting the boys off of her at this school like we did when we were younger North." Silas says with a small smile and shake of his head.

"She doesn't really like to be touched. Anytime I held her today I had to tell her to relax, and even then it took a while. Sang baby still has that innocent yet strong attitude. Today she caught us talking with our eyes, and Kota lied and said it was a fucking staring contest. Sang immediately knew it was a lie, but didn't say a word. She just went on and pretended like nothing happened. You could see another wall go up when she figured out we lied. She knows what it looks like when we have silent conversations with our eyes. Me, her and Silas used to do it all the time. None of us can lie to her in any way. She has this knack for knowing when anybody is lying. Me and Silas never could figure out how she did it, but we never got a lie past her." North rants.

All of the boys looks slightly shocked. This is the most North has talked in a very long time.

"Okay then are we all agreed on getting to know Miss Sorenson?" Mr.Blackbourne asked.
Once again the echoes of "I am willing and will obey" went around. They all looked around at each other and the last thing spoken before everybody left was by Mr.Blackbourne.

"Meeting dismissed gentlemen."

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