Chapter 23

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People don't understand how stressful it is to try and explain what is going on in your mind, when you don't know yourself.
A report:(While Sang, Gabe,Luke, and Victor are at the mall.)

"Okay gentlemen we are here today to discuss two things." Owen says as he enters Sang's house.

"Kids are down and asleep." North grunts out as he comes down the stairs.

"Okay starting with our Ashley Waters case. We have found evidence of the new drug j-14 going around. There have been a couple of kids end up at the clinic and gone to the hospital because of it. I want you all on very high alert. Is there anything else that you all may want to add?"Owen asks in his professional tone.

"We know a girl named Jade has been doing weird things around the school and are looking into it. North and Silas made the football team so that area is covered. We believe Mr.McCoy may be involved somehow, he has been following us and very resistant to our advances." Kota reports in the same manner his leader did. The other boys stay silent as they listen because they have nothing else to add.

"Good. Now our other subject of the evening; Miss.Sorenson. We know she is in an abusive household where it is clear there is active abuse. Is there anything you all would like to contribute to this?"Owen asks.

This time instead of silence, there is an explosion of voices. "I want all of you to take turns telling us what you know. Mr.Lee you first."

"She seems to be the only one to take care of the kids.I'm sure her mother is very little help, if any at all." Kota states in a calm manor but the counting he is doing under his breath points otherwise."


"Kota is right. She is much more closed off than we were little. I want to try and get her more comfortable."


"We should have never left her back in Greece. It was fucking stupid. Every time she gets pulled into one of our laps she tenses up like well murder her. I know she trusts us but her walls are way higher than they were when we were little."


"She reminds me of my mom. Very closed off but trying to open up. I believe we need to take it slow with her. She is skittish and has more to think about than just herself in this situation."


"There is evidence of the abuse on her. I won't go into detail but I want her and the kids removed as soon as we can. I think we should tell her about the academy as well. It would be good for when we remove these three from the situation. Lily and Cameron don't have any marks or scars on them so I don't think they have faced the abuse. There seems to be no mental things between them either. Sang has protected them."

All of the boys take sharp intakes of breath, and North looks as if he might explode any second, but he stays quiet like the rest of them.

"Okay. We will work on removing her from this situation. We will talk about the academy again on a later date. I plan on apologizing to Miss.Sorenson for making you all ignore her, and I hope she accepts. I wan tot find out more about her past and how long this has been going on, but for now this stays quiet. Kota you and Sean have a job tonight you need to get to. Silas or North offer to stay here tonight and try to find things out. If it is too personal I don't want the other people on this team knowing. This is her story and it is her choice whether or not we get to know and I do not plan on breaking her trust again. Are we all agreed?" There are satisfied nods around the room and Owen, Sean, and Kota all leave while the other stay and continue looking after the kids.
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