Chapter 9

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I'm scared that if I let you go, you'll disappear forever.
Silas's POV:
I have always believed in fate. I never necessarily knew how it worked, or why it worked, but I did believe in it. The day I had to leave my Aggelle mou was a day I have regretted for the past 3 years. Our group was only together for a year but we knew everything about each other. Besides our home lives. She knew that ours were bad, but we never knew anything about hers.

The one thing we did know was that her father left and every year on December third she refuses to leave her house. She stays in that house for 3 days and then acts like nothing happened. We only knew her a year, but when it did happen we were terrified. 3 days later she showed up and explained it was because of her father leaving and that she just needed the time to herself, and so we left it at that.

When I saw my angel sitting in the classroom today my heart nearly stopped. She was here. We have been randomly searching for her over the years but we never found anything.

She's back here now and I can't help but feel as if my heart is about to burst. At first I wasn't sure if it was her, but then she called me Superman. I stared at her all class. I know it sounds creepy but I couldn't believe she was here. She was so beautiful. Her blonde hair and green eyes were mesmerizing. She looked exhausted and far too skinny for her own good.

After the bell rang I practically dragged her to Mr.Blackbourne and Dr.Greens office. After we talked and she saw North, we simply held her. We whispered about how happy we were to have her back and eventually she fell asleep. Good, she needs it.

North slipped out from her and Mr.Blackbourne nodded for us to follow him into an empty office. "How do you all know Sang?" Dr.Green asks and I can't help but smile at that.

"She is the girl from Greece that we have been searching for." I said with a huge grin on my face.
"After years of looking we finally have her back home." North adds, sporting a grin of his own. Dr.Greens eyes widen and so do Mr.Blackbournes.
"Wait this is the girl who kept you two in line? She really climbed trees and fought off all of the school bullies?" Dr.Green asks, and I give a quick nod. "I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A SPECIAL ONE OWEN!" Dr. Green shouts and I see North furrow his eyebrows and send a questioning look toward them.

"What do you mean shes a special one? How do you know her?" North demands. Immediately all of our eyes snap to him and he looks like he is about to punch of our brothers.

Defiantly protective over her.
Note to self:
Warn the others to be careful.

"Mr.Taylor it happens to be that Ms.Sorenson is the same girl that was harassed my Mr.McCoy, and saved Gabriel from the Greg." Mistake Mr.Blackbourne. Big mistake.

"How the hell could Gabriel let her get hurt. You said the girl dislocated her fucking mshoulder and has broken ribs. I'm gonna fucking kill him."

I didn't know the girl was hurt. Now I'm pissed. "Wait- That happened to Sang? Why the hell did Gabriel not get up and help her? Where is he?" Both of our brothers just looked at us with shocked expressions before Mr.Blackbourne finally broke the silence.
"Mr.Taylor I am sorry but Mr.Coleman did not willingly let her get hurt."
"Well I am still gonna kill him. Then her for not telling me that she was in pain." He grumbled while walking out of the door.

North's POV:
She is back. My beautiful Sang baby is back. God I missed her so much. She still is so very beautiful and the most precious thing on earth. She isn't the same person as before. She is more timid now. The look in her eyes tell me something or someone has hurt her. I would do anything to take the pain away. That starts with murdering I walk back into the room and see Sang sleeping peacefully in her chair. Jesus, I would give anything to let her keep sleeping but I wanna check her bruises.

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