Chapter 15

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La douleur exquise:
(N.) The heart-wrenching pain of  wanting the affection of someone unattainable.
Warning: Things are going to move kind of fast in this chapter. I promise it will all slow back down a bit after this chapter. I will probably end up at Thursday of this school week by the end of this chapter. My goal is to get things moving along, so that the plot will be more interesting for you all. I hope you understand and don't mind! Enjoy your read!

A Report(Saturday Morning)-Third person:
All of the boys are gathered in Sean and Owens home ready for their meeting. They all go over the normal procedures on how home lives are going, and everybody is okay. The subject of their mission gets brought up.

"There are a ton of kids overdosing on the drug. It has only been a week and I have my work cut out for me." Sean says solemnly. All of the boys go around telling their findings.

"Finally what did you learn from Miss. Sorenson last night?" Owen asks and all of the boys that were with her last night visibly wince. Owens eyes narrow on Sean and he begins to demand answers. "You did ask her about the school right?" Sean meekly shakes her head no and a rage flashes across Owen's eyes that nobody had ever seen before.

"I am disappointed in all of you. Our job is to find out what is wrong with this school, then leave. You have all been neglecting your jobs this past week and it is not okay. From now on you are all to ignore Miss Sorenson. I do not care if she texts you, calls you, comes to your houses, or screams at you at school. You are all ordered to brush her off. Do you understand?" Owen asks and there are immediate outburst across the room.

"No! I just got Sang baby back and I am not leaving her. I won't make her feel unwanted again." North shouts.

"Oy Mr.Blackbourne we will focus alright? It isn't fucking fair to be so damn rude to her after how kind shes been. She jumped in on a fight just to help me!" Gabe pleads.

"Mr. Blackbourne I just got agelle back. I can't lose her. Not again. She is my family just like you all are." Silas says with clenched fists.

"It has only been a week and we have good information. She's a good person." Luke says with an uncharacteristic formal tone.

"Why! We will focus 100% just don't make us leave her." Nathan pleads.

"She is the only person who doesn't know that I am a famous piano player, and when she finds out I don't think she would care. Don't do this please." Victor begs as the light in his eyes diminish.

"Owen you are going too far. What is wrong with you?"Sean asks.

Out of everybody it is Kota that shocks everyone the most. "Please Mr.Blackbourne. She brings out a part in all of us that I don't want to lose. Please don't. Please we will do anything." Kota begs as tears slip down his cheeks.

Owens resolve almost breaks when he sees this. He can't help but think that this girl could break his family apart. He won't stand by and let somebody do that. He can't.

"This is the exact reason I say this. You have all become dangerously entranced with her and it will be bad for our mission. If I hear a single word out of any of you about this anymore I will give the mission to someone else. The same goes if any of you other than Dr.Green when he is teaching, speaks to her. You are dismissed."He says and walks to his room, leaving 8 people with slacked jaws. They had never seen their leader like this. They had never seen him so cruel. All of the boys leave and promise to follow his orders, just so that they can stay and keep an eye on her.

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