Chapter 46

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You're a fighter. Look at everything you've overcome. Don't give up now.
Sang's POV:
I can feel fingers running through my hair. My eyes pop open and I come face to face with Brandon, who is smiling down at me. He isn't the one playing with my hair though.

I blink groggily, trying to shake the sleep from my eyes. A chuckle echoes from behind me and I can feel the shake of a chest against my back. "Well we were up before you." A voice says and I instantly recognize it as Marc.

Instead of answering I bury my face into the pillow under me and groan. "What time is it?"

"It's only five. Go back to sleep mouse." Brandon says and I lift my face from the bed so fast I might get whiplash.

"Mouse!?" I squeak out and I can kind of understand why he is calling me that.

"Yup. You are like a little mouse." Brandon's smirks.

"I think she is like a coffee bean." Marc says from behind me. When I turn to look at him, I realize I have no clue where I am.

Marc must sense what I'm thinking because he smiles at me. "You are in Brandon's room." I nod slightly and honestly, I still haven't woken up.

"Back to sleep mouse." Brandon says and tucks me against him, my back against his chest and somehow my head ends up on Marc's chest.

"I'm not tired." I lie completely, but I feel lazy sitting around like this when there's a million things I could be doing.

"Coffee bean we have been put under strict orders to keep you in bed until at least six." Marc says and I nod while standing up.

"I'm just gonna go brush my teeth and wash my face then." I say and both guys let me go while I crawl out of bed. I quickly make my way to my room and brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I make my way out with full intentions of getting my day started by heading to the kitchen. The only problem is when I walk back past Brandon's door I get yanked back in.

"Hey!" I squeak as I feel Brandon's arms wrap around me.

"You we're trying to sneak off!" Brandon accuses while easily lifting me up and carrying me back to the bed where Marc is now laughing hysterically at the look on my face.

Brandon tosses me on the bed and I bounce as Marc catches me. "No I wasn't. I was getting water." I deny and both guys just smirk at me.

"I didn't know you were such a liar Sang." Marc laughs and I huff.

Brandon tucks me straight back into his chest and my head ends up right back on Marc's chest where all of this started. "I can't go back to sleep. I'm already awake." I state strongly.

Neither of the guys say anything. Marc simply brings his hand up to my hair and brings rubbing his fingers through it once again. Brandon carefully rest his hands in my shoulders and begins to softly rub them. I try to keep my eyes open, but I fail before it has been five minutes.
Axel's POV:
"What are they going to do?" I ask as I lean back against the chair in Owen's room.

"I don't know. There was clearly no flood, but I'm not sure what is happening. We have been cracking down on the drug use in the school. The kids are the only ones we have caught. Our thoughts were that tonight would be when somebody would pull something, I think this confirms that." Owen says as he rubs out the line on his forehead.

For the past hour we have been trying to figure this out. Owen and Sean got emails saying the school wasn't opening today because of flooding, but it didn't rain and there is nothing in the school that could flood. Owen thinks that tonight at the dance is when something is going to happen and I don't disagree.

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