Chapter 10

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It seems to me, that love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways.
Luke's POV:
Sang was...special. It is a lousy way to describe her, but I can't think of a better word to describe her right now. The moment I saw her all curled up in North's lap I thought she was innocent. She looked so small, almost like a kitten.

Or a Reese's cup.

Then she woke up and was so different from what I had expected. When I heard stories about how she beat those boys, all the stories from when she was in Greece, and what happened to her yesterday with Gabe, I expected her to be taller, maybe more muscular. The way she was though was perfect. I knew right then and there she was gonna take our group by storm.

But it was when I truly got a good look into her eyes, that I realized she wasn't innocent. I saw the pain and unbearable agony in her eyes. Once she came fully back into consciousness it was like a wall built up inside her. I don't even think she meant to put that wall there. It was like it was natural. The pain I saw in her eyes was far worse than I had ever seen in me or my brothers.

I wanted to pick her up and take her away from all of her issues. There's one problem...her wall. I can tell she has enraptured my brothers without even knowing it. She acts as if she is nothing special. It isn't that thing girl do to get compliments though.. You can see that she truly, 100% believes it.

When we got to the daycare and I saw her little siblings, I almost died at how cute they were. Especially when I saw Sang with Cameron. I don't think she knew I heard, but I know she offered to tell all of us to leave if he was the slightest bit uncomfortable. I completely understood that. It made me proud how kind she was to her siblings. Lily was adorable.

On our walk I got to know her better. I brought up about how the guys said she used to climb trees, run, and do so many other things. When I asked her that, and she started talking about life having a way of messing with plans, I knew she missed all of that. You could see how much she missed everything she used to do. I have no  clue what is holding her back though. I'm determined to figure it out.

Sang is kind of oblivious though. I don't think she saw one time where I was sneaking glances to her. I also don't think she saw the way Cameron, and even Lily looked at her. The whole time we were walking, Cameron stared at Sang as if she were the best human in the world.

I don't necessarily disagree with him.

It probably seems kinda crazy I think all of this within a few hours of knowing her, and normally I would never be like this. She just makes everything...better.

Back to present time:
We walked into the house and it was nice. Gabe is defiantly gonna have a fit when he sees it though.
"Trouble why the fuck is this house so bare? It looks like a half dead 98 year old woman lives here." Yup there he is.

"Gabe she just moved in. And stop cursing. There are kids." North says as he glares at gabe who just shakes his head.

'It's okay Gabe you can talk however you wanna talk. Lily can't talk and Cameron knows not to say those things. Right Cam?" Sang asks while sending a questioning look towards the kid in question. He comes out of the kitchen with fruit loops and gives a mischievous smile. "Cam can I make you something other than fruit loops? What about fruit?" He seems to think it over for a while before he comes to a decision.
"Can I have carrots instead?" She nods and heads off to the kitchen with us trailing behind her. She sets Cam on the counter- which can't be good for her shoulder. Then she gets the carrots out and washed them. She started cutting them into slices while Cameron told her all about his day. This was his day:
-He played with crayons
-Made a new friend
-Ate lunch
-Did a bit of learning
And that was it.
We all watched in awe at how these two interacted with one another.
Lily started crying in my arms and in an instant Sang was over and grabbing Lily from me. Lily immediately calmed. How is she so good at this stuff?

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