Chapter 29

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One day all of the pain, suffering and moments when you felt like it would never get better, will be completely worth the outcome.
Sang's POV:
I wake up to knocking on my front door. I slowly get out of my bed and make my way downstairs. I move the curtains slightly and Luke and Gabe are standing outside of my door. I unlock both of the locks and open the door.

Luke and Gabe have huge grins on their faces when they see me, and it seems like way too early for them to be here.

"You look so cute when you wake up cupcake." Luke coos at me and I scrunch my eyebrows.

"Fucking adorable." Gabe mutters and I blush at him. "Trouble are we allowed to come in? It is fucking freezing out here."

I step to the side and finally find it in myself to speak. "Why are you all here? What time is it?"

Luke throws his hands into the air as if he has been shot, then dramatically falls against the wall. "Cupcake I am offended. You would think were allowed here any time we want." Luke chides and I giggle slightly at him.

"It is 4:30 trouble." Gabe answers the second part of my question and I instantly send glares his way.

"I was asleep. It is a school day why are you all here so early?" I ask and Gabe scowls right back at me.

"Well we are here so early because we had to wake up before North. Luke stole his Jeep. North normally wakes up at 5 to workout and make a healthy breakfast for them so we needed to be up early because we wanted to come see you." Gabe huffs out and I smile at him. I move over and look out the window and sure enough North's Jeep is outside of my house.

"He will kill you. You know that right?" I ask and Luke and Gabe smile at each other.

"Well cupcake we were thinking you would protect us."

I snort at that but Luke and Gabe look completely serious. "Okay I will protect you. He won't get past me. What are we going to do until 6?"

Luke and Gabe once again look at each other and smile. "We were thinking we could go back to sleep." Luke answers and before I can think about what that means, I nod my head.

"Perfect lets go." They begin pulling me upstairs and only when reach my bedroom does the reality of what I just said yes to, hit me.

"Wait where are we gonna sleep?" I ask.

"In your bed." Gabe pulls my head to look at him. "You can tell us no and well go sleep on the couch. No issues at all. If you are okay with this though then go with it. Remember what I said last night? No matter what you want to do we will be okay with it. Just sleeping. That's it." Gabe whispers in my ear and I take a minute to think about it.

It is just sleeping and I basically did the same thing with North. This doesn't make me a bad person. They are both willingly do it. So, I nod. Gabe grins and pushes me gently towards the bed. I am so tired right now that I climb straight on. When Luke grabs me and pulls me towards him all I do is snuggle into him, but I am still slightly tense. Gabe gets in on the other side of me and wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me slightly to him.

I tense even more and of course they both notice. Luke pushes the hair from my face and kisses my forehead. Then he begins to rub soft circles on my arm that is laid across him. Gabe puts his head slightly into my hair and begins to rub circles on my leg. After only 2 minutes, I am passed out and swept into another hour and half of sleep.
Luke's POV:
The truth is Gabe and I never went back to sleep. Sang fell asleep in less than five minutes and we stayed up watching her, and quietly talking. That sounds incredibly creepy but we missed her. This was the perfect opportunity, why not take it?

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