Chapter 30

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There is a past version of you that is so proud of how far you have come
Sean's POV:
Another day of school. The mission here at Ashley Waters has been coming along nicely. We have a few leads on the J-14 drug and all of the boys are fitting in well. Of course getting to see my beautiful pookie everyday is an added bonus.

Right now Owen and I are sitting in our office. Owen is filling out paperwork while I am waiting for the perfect time to ask him about what happened when he apologized to pookie last night.

"Sean are you going to keep staring at me or say what you are thinking?" Owen snarks and I roll my eyes at him.

"Well if you are going to be rude about it then I think I will just stare." I huff out and that has Owen rolling his eyes at me in turn. Playful. A good sign.

"Sean please remember that we are not 12 anymore and tell me what is on your mind." Owen smirks and I give in because I am dying to know what happened.

"Fine! What happened with pookie last night? You both came down looking very happy. Did you kiss?

AHH DID YOU KISS?" I practically yell because I hadn't even thought if it until now.

"The whole school does not need to hear you questioning me. However to answer your questions no we did not kiss and yes she forgave me." Owen chastises slightly.

"She forgave you so easily? We need to teach her not to be walked on. She should have been angry at your for a week and made you grovel. At least." I sigh and Owen raises an eyebrow at me.

"You wanted her to be mad? What if that messed up our chances?" He asks and I found and entrance to my questioning.

"Well of course not but it is good if she knows that she can feel her emotions. We will work on that later. Now please tell me what happened."

"That is private Sean."

"Just a little bit please!" I beg and Owen squints his eyes.


"I will tell her how you act when you are sick..." I threaten and that has him straightening up. So predictable.

"Fine. We went to her room and I apologized and explained where my fears came from. We talked a little bit about her childhood and I ended up...holding her-" I cut him off.

"Yes! Owen Blackbourne is making headway!"I chant and he sends me a disapproving look.

We need pookie here to cheer him up.

"Sean let me finish. Anyways I ended up holding her and we somehow laid back on her bed. We talked about her childhood and some things that have happened, which will stay private, and I feel like we understand each other more now." He finishes off with an uncharacteristic smile.

"Good. She is special and deserves only the good things in life." I tell him seriously because I do mean it.

Owen begins to respond but is cut off by a knock the door. "Come in!" I call out. Gabe and Luke come through the door and they greet us but I can tell there is something bothering them.

"Boys you are supposed to be in class. Why aren't you?" Owen asks in a friendlier tone than I think I have ever heard come from him.

"Well we wanted to talk to you about Sang." Luke says and immediately Owen and I both straighten up to hear about our pookie.

"This morning we went over to her house early because we wanted to spend time with her. Side note- She definitely likes cuddling. Anyways we were in the kitchen this morning when her mother came home. We hid behind the couch and watched them interact. Her mother started yelling, and she was degrading Sang. Sang answered her mother but when she did it set off a whole other round of yelling. Her mother started yelling about Sang not using the right "titles." Her mother makes Sang call her master. It is like she is a fucking dog. It's disguisting. Then her mother decided that Sang deserved a punishment. Her mother held her damn hand down on a hot eye. Her mother then left and said she would be back in two days. We tried to talk to Sang but she ignored us and when we finally did get her to talk, she was really embarrassed that we saw that. Then we talked about it and she is okay now.We bandaged her hand and that is okay too. Luke and I think we should try to get her out of their as soon as possible. She is a human being for fucks sakes." Gabriel curses as my heart begins to beat a mile a minute. The fact that she was embarrassed more than anything makes me want to throw up. I have seen all the scars and I can't imagine all the pain she has gone through to get those.

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