Chapter 8

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If you are ever too tired to speak, sit next to me. I too am fluent in silence.
Seans POV:
There are very few times in my life I would be surprised. I try to always be prepared for anything so that I never get surprised. Although I can truthfully say, Sang Sorenson has surprised me.

This afternoon when I didn't see her in my class, I was obviously disappointed. I got a text from Gabe saying someone needed my attention. When class was over I headed to the nurses office and that last thing I thought I would see was Sang playing nurse on Gabriel. I was shocked then, but was speechless when she started talking and knew I was in the room, even without me turning around. "Hello Dr.Green. I didn't realize that you were Gabe's doctor friend. I hope I didn't intrude any. I can't really undo what I did, however I can buy you new supplies if you needed. I did look in two cabinets but I truly did not mean to take over your space."
Sang turned around, and that is when I see the damage that was done to her. I immediately snap out of it and go into doctor mode. "Alright Sang why don't you replace Gabe on the table and I can take a look at your injuries."

"Uhm is there any way you can look at him first? I am pretty sure I did something wrong. I was just trying to stop the bleeding."She asked hesitating slightly.

"Don't worry I watched you the whole time. You did everything right with Gabe." Sang smiles sheepishly but nods, and does as I ask. I start looking over her shoulder, then move down and poke on her ribs to see if they are broken or not. She sits calmly through it and doesn't flinch once.

"Okay Sang I am defiantly going to have to pop your shoulder back into place. You have two broken ribs, but there is nothing I can really do about that." She nods and scoots forward to allow me closer. "Now while I do this if you need to you can grab onto my arm. You'll probably feel all my muscles if you do." I say as an attempt to make her laugh.

She blushes a bright red and gives me a sheepish smile while shaking her head no.
I go to grab her shoulder when the nurses door slams open. Sang jumps and hits her shoulder on the wall and ends up letting out a small whimper in pain. I spin around and see Kota and Nathan standing there with worried expressions on their faces. "Gabriel what happened? I got the red line, and then you text me saying you were saved. Did you hit your head?" Kota rushes out all in one breath. I clear my throat to get his attention and he turns and focuses on me, then Sang. Once he gets to Sang his eyes widen and he blushes a deep red.

Aww him and Sang are like little twins.

Kota clears his throat then opens his mouth to speak to Sang. "Hi I uhm I am sorry if we scared you. Your my new neighbor across the street right? I am Kota, I think I saw you unpacking all of the boxes a few days ago." Sang looks around at all of us nervously but returns her eyes to Kota.

"Yeah I think that I saw you. I was pretty busy and never got the chance to come say hello. I'm sorry." Sang says in a quiet voice. I don't think she likes all this attention on her.

"Hi I'm Nathan. I live on the street too. My house is the one with a swimming pool."

"It is nice to meet you Nathan."

"Okay Sang are you ready for your shoulder now." She nods and I reach forward gripping her shoulder. I pop it straight into place and she only winces from the pain. If it were one of my brothers they would be screaming in pain. Babies.

"Uhh Dr.Green what happened to these two?" Kota asks with confusion written all over his face, while Nathan nods in agreement.

"Actually Kota I was about to ask Gabe the same thing."I say as I give Gabe a pointed look.

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