Chapter 38

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You know what it takes to make a star shine? A shitload of fucking darkness.
Sang's POV:
Warmth is the first thing I feel and it is completely surrounding my body when I open my eyes. The scent of gunpowder hits me and then I remember. I fell asleep on top of Raven. I lift my head and look up to see him peacefully sleeping. He always looks a little intense but when he is sleeping, Raven just looks peaceful.

His arms are wrapped loosely around me like he is afraid to hurt me. I look around the room and all of the guys are fast asleep. Then my eyes travel to the clock by the TV. 4:36 AM.

I wish for one night I could sleep peacefully and sleep in.

I carefully untangle my arms and legs from Raven. When I manage that I lift my head up and the only way I can get up without possibly waking Raven up, is by rolling off of him. I roll slightly to the side and he moves slight. I do it again but this time he doesn't move.

The third time I do it, I am sent falling to the floor. My arms work to catch me...after I have hit the ground.

I make a small thud when I hit the ground and I groan slightly when a familiar soreness works itself through my body. Marc stirs slightly in his chair and I hold my breath. He turns and tosses for a minute but then settles back down. His breathing goes back to normal, and everybody else's is still normal. I made it.

I gently stand up and make my way out of the living room, after grabbing my song book. I walk down the hallways and find Camerons room. When I step inside and walk over to the bed, he is dead asleep. I lean over and gently kiss his forehead. "I love you. I hope you aren't mad for long. Im just trying to protect you." I whisper and hope that it somehow reaches him in whatever dream he is having.

I walk out of the room and decide to do some exploring. I haven't had the time, or felt like exploring. However, I feel the best that I have in a while so why not? I make my way through the house and they have a small library, which I am sure Cameron will spend a lot of time in there.

They have a hot tub that sits on a side deck and what looks like two offices. I make my way to the last room and when I open the door, my mouth drops. There is a huge piano in the middle of the room. There are guitars, flutes, and several other instruments lining the walls. I would love to play the guitar or violin right now, but I don't want to mess with their things. This situation is just temporary anyways.

I do sit down at the piano and open my song book. I don't know how long it is that I write and play the piano. The whole time I do, I think about Cameron.

When he is older will he understand how bad our mother is? I never actually bash her when he is around. Will Cameron know why she is bad or will he never know? If I am being honest, I am terrified. I will have to raise Cameron while he is a pre-teen, teen, and probably after he is eighteen too. What if I fail? I haven't ever raised a teenager besides myself, but that was different.

I sigh and stand up from the piano bench and check the time. 8:22. Lily will be getting up soon and I really don't want her to wake everyone in the house.

I walk to her room and sure enough her  eyes are wide open and she is playing with the edge of her onesie, looking restless. I walk over to her and gently pick her up and lay her against my chest. My ribs and back don't agree with what I just did, but I had to.

Lily cuddles into my shoulder as I rub her back gently. I make my way back to the music room. It is far away enough that if Lily cries, nobody will hear. When we make it into the room she is wiggling in my arms and I know she wants to move around. Lily can crawl like crazy, and can take tiny steps but she has never walked a far distance.

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