Chapter 20

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Just because I carry it all so well, doesn't mean it isn't heavy.
Sang's POV:
I can feel soft fingers under my shirt caressing my back, and strands of my hair slowly being twisted. A sweet scent floats into my nose and I know I am laying on Gabe. All of the events from last night come shooting back into my mind and I can feel my checks turn red from embarrassment. "I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean to have a breakdown." I whisper out and drop my head so that I can't see his eyes.

A finger raises my chin and I come face to Face with my meanie who has a fierce look in his eyes. "I don't want to hear any of that bullshit, got it? You needed that and I am glad one of us was here. Today North and Silas are coming over and are gonna spend the day with the kids while me, you, Victor, and Luke go shopping."

My eyebrows furrow. "Shopping? Gabe I can't ask you all to watch the kids."

"Well then you aren't asking, were demanding Besides you have never been without them a day in your life probably, it will be okay for one day. Plus you are a female and the first one I will be able to dress so you are all mine." He rolls his eyes.

"I don't exactly have the money meanie, I can't" I huff and he just smiles softly.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it I have everything covered. Now please lay back down because we have 20 more minutes and I am enjoying this." He huffs back and I can't hide my smile at how cute he is.

Gabe lays my head back down on his chest and once again continues making small circles on my back and playing with my hair. Gabe's hand traces one of my scars that I hate the most. It was in no way the most painful, but it is very ugly. "What is this one from?"

I sigh and snuggle in deeper to him and he just wraps me up more in his arms. "I got pushed onto a glass table and it broke underneath me. I landed on the glass and when mom dragged me by the hair a piece of the glass cut me." Gabe sucks in a breath and kisses my forehead. Then he kisses each one of my cheeks and I know I am a bright red but he doesn't make a single comment.

"One day I am going to kiss each and every single scar you have and make you realize how fucking perfect you are." He grumbles as I hear the front door of my house open and shut. "That is North, Silas, Luke and Victor. Now pretend to sleep so I don't get my ass kicked for being in bed still. They won't care if you were sleeping." He doesn't give me time to think about what he said because he shoves my head to his neck and I smile against him.

There are steps on the stairs that sound quiet but definitely not enough to be sneaky. I can hear my door open and I lay still in Gabe's arms. The footsteps come closer to us and I can hear hushed whispering.

"Are they asleep?"

"What does it look like?"

"I hope so. Princess had a long day and is definitely going to have a long one today shopping with Gabe." I grin into Gabe's neck. The covers that once kept me so warm and gently pulled off and cold air seeps into the bed.

I shiver and Gabe pulls me closer and then starts whining. "Look what you fuckers did. Now shes cold and will probably get hypothermia."

I can hear North snort and Silas chuckle. Big hands wrap around my waist and I am lifted into the air with ease. My eyebrows dip and I am turned around to face North. "I can keep her warm anyways. Better than you." North gloats and my eyes narrow in on him, to which he just smirks. I try to wiggle out of his grasp but it doesn't work. He once again smirks at me, but I remember something from out childhood.

I reach up while smirking and give a tug to his ear. He drops me and lets out a yelp while the others start laughing. Luke is bent over laughing and Gabe begins convulsing in my bed. Victor and Silas are simply grinning and chuckling.

I smirk at him and then make my way to the bathroom to get ready. I brush my teeth and get dressed into leggings and a t shirt. When I leave my bathroom North and Silas are sitting on my bed and looked like they were waiting for me. "Are you two okay?" I ask and they both look at each other and then Silas takes a deep breath.

"Agelle, yesterday we didn't react well when we found out what happened and wanted to apologize. We shouldn't have walked out and left you alone again. It wasn't fair." He rushes out and North nods along.

"Sang baby we just hated knowing we could have helped, and that you were alone all this time. If you want to be mad at us or make us beg for forgiveness we understand." North sighs in a dejected tone and all I can do is smile at them.

"Well thank you for the sentiment but I promise it is okay. I kinda thought you were mad at me, but now that I know your not I can see your point of view." I smile sheepishly as the two boys heads shoot up. They both stand and I am enveloped into a hug and sandwiched between these two.

"Thank god were awful at apologies." Silas murmurs and I can't help but burst out laughing. I lean my head into North's chest and keep laughing as Silas kisses the back of my head. All of this affection that I have gotten is so overwhelming, but not unwanted.

There are cries from Lily's room so I gently push the boys away and head to her room. When I get there Lily is sitting impatiently in her bed, but lights up when she sees me there to get her out. I pick her up and nuzzle her into my chest and then walk to Camerons room, all with Silas and North following me like lost little puppies. I wake him up and carry him on one hip until Silas takes him from my arms. I scowl at him but he just smiles. "It isn't good for your injuries." He shrugs and walks down the stairs. 

I walk down the stairs with Lily on my hip, Silas in front of me, and North behind me holding on to my shoulders.

I couldn't fall down these stairs if I chucked myself down them.

The scent of flour and vanilla drifts to me as we make it downstairs and when I reach the kitchen I see Luke making pancakes. "Luke no! That shi- stuff isn't healthy for you!" North bellows.

"Oh come on little brother it is one time." Luke teases and I smile at their bickering.

"Please North Star can we?" I beg and his gaze turns to me. "Fine but only if you all eat fruit too!" He huffs and everybody besides Silas looks at me in awe. Luke wastes no time in pouting chocolate chips into he batter and I cut up plenty of fruit.

Luke finishes making food and the only person not eating is him because he already ate. We all head into the living room and Cameron sits with Silas while Lily sits with Victor. I go to sit on the couch but am pulled back into Lukes lap. "You know I don't think I have sat on an actual surface since I have met you all." I chuckle but Luke immediately lets go of me.

"You can get up if it makes you uncomfortable." Luke tells me while being sure not to touch me.

"It doesn't Luke. I promise." I tell him honestly and his arms wrap around me once again. I know I have gotten far too used to their touch and I am afraid what will happen when they leave. I have already started becoming soft.

I am brought out of my daze by chuckles and see Luke shaking a hand in my face. "Sorry." I blush and they all just go back to their conversations from before.

After breakfast Gabe helps me get the kids ready for the day and then I am being dragged away from my house with the promises of Cameron and Lily being fine, and how much fun I will have today.
Authors Note:
Okay so this was a really short chapter but I wanted to start the next chapter at the part after this so that the story would flow better. I am sorry for not posting in a few days and will try to post tomorrow or the day after. Have an amazing day!

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