Chapter 14

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But if he was right for you...It would break his heart open to see you hurt in the very way he hurt you.
Sang's POV:
As we walked into the house Cameron was automatically running to the kitchen begging for food, and Lily just wanted to play. I quickly went to Lily's room and set her down in her play pen and then headed out to the kitchen where Cameron was animatedly telling the boys about his day. I walked into the kitchen and before I started working on food for Cam I turned and faced the boys. "Victor and Dr.Green if there is anything you all would like your more than welcome to it." I smiled at them and turned around. I heard a groan from Dr.Green before he began talking.

"Please I beg you to call me Sean outside of school. I hear enough of Dr.Green throughout the day from Owen and all the other students."

"Owen?" My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"That's Mr.Blackbourne. He just always has a stick up his butt and refuses to let us call him by his first name." Sean says with a huff.

"Well I will be sure to call you Dr.Sean then-per your request." I tease. His jaw drops while Silas and Gabe laugh, and Victor and Kota smile.

"Fine pookie we can play that way." Sean retorts and this time it is my turn for my jaw to drop.

"Pookie?" I ask.

"Yes your cute. Pookies are cute." At this point I can't help but giggle.

"Ah ah ah don't make me administer the giggle cure!" Sean tuts while shaking his finger at me. I have no clue what the giggle cure is so I just cock my head sideways. The boys all groan and I swear Gabe mumbles something along the lines of "Too damn innocent for her own good." I just shrug my shoulders and begin to ask Cameron what he wants for a snack.
Sean's POV:
Dear god this girl is going to kill me. I never expected her sarcastic remark and then when she tilted her head at my giggle cure comment I realized how innocent she really was. She turns back and begins to ask her little brother what he is hungry for. I expected him to say cupcakes, or some sweet. I was very mistaken.

"Carrots and ranch please." He piped up.

"Alright baby. How was school?" Pookie asks with genuine interest, and that surprises me even more. Most siblings would never do all of this. I think Sang acts more motherly to them then she should have to though.

Cameron perks up and begins to relay the events of his day. "I got to daycare and Mrs.Reese let us play outside for like two hours. Then we went inside and ate lunch. OH! I made a new friend sissy. Her name is Cara and she is very pretty if I do say so myself." He finishes off with a content smile on his face. By the end of his ranting Sang has a full blown grin on her face and I can't help but hope she would do that more often.
Victor's POV:
Sang's smile is the biggest I have ever seen it and she truly does look beautiful. Sang starts to wiggle her eyebrows and she taunts Cameron. "You thought she was cute buddy? What did she look like? Did y'all sit together? Hold hands?" She thinks for a minute and then gasps. "Did you all kiss!?" At this remark Cameron's face turns bright red and Sang bursts out in laughter. Cameron frowns and begins to grumble.

"No we didn't kiss. Yes she was cute and it is rude to make fun of me." Sang picks him up and holds him while setting carrots up.

"Your right Cam it is very mean. I'm sorry. Forgive me?" He grins before saying, "Only if you read with me tonight."

"Of course! Here is your food. You may eat in your room but be very careful and if you spill anything let me know so we can clean it up together. Okay?" He nods and then runs off, dropping a carrot on the way. Sang shakes her head and begins to mumble.

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