Chapter 27

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It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow.
Sang's POV:
I turn around as North starts going off on Raven. The first thing I notice is something I should have noticed the first time I saw them. Brandon and Corey are twins.

"Twins?" I ask like an idiot but it stops the bickering and all 14 guys attention is on me now. No pressure.

Corey gets a slight smile on his face and so does Brandon. They both nod as Silas starts laughing. The attention goes to him and everyone except North is sending him confused looks. I know exactly what Silas is about to say and my cheeks are already heating up.

"When we were l-little Sang used to beg and beg people to give her a twin." Silas burst out laughing and chuckles go around the room as I head to the kitchen to help Cameron with his snack.
Axel's POV:
It all makes sense now. I get why the Blackbourne team were hiding her, why they are so obsessed with her, and I also understand she is a beautiful girl.

Sang walks off to where I assume her kitchen is as the cute blush on her face darkens. Only once she leaves the room fully does anybody talk.

"You all were going to keep her from us? She is fucking gorgeous." Marc whispers. I expect all of them to get defensive and start yelling but the whole Blackbourne team just smiles. Even Owen. What the hell?

"Gentlemen if you are done ogling at her I do believe we might want to join her in the kitchen." Owen states as he stalks off to where Sang is, and we all follow like lost little puppies.

Once we make it to the kitchen her brother is sitting on the counter and Sang is cutting up fruit and cheese. As she moves her long blonde hair drifts with her and she moves with a grace none of us could ever possess.

"Now what did you mean you saw pookie at the cafe yesterday? What cafe?" Sean asks and Sang looks up at us.

"Yesterday when we were at the mall and had finally finished shopping, Sang spotted a cafe with a piano in it and went to listen. We kinds pushed her to play and she did. I guess they were there. We didn't see them." Kota states and their team nods showing they are satisfied with his.

"Well I'm sorry I didn't recognize you all. It would have been nice to have met you." Sang says sweetly while looking straight at Corey and Raven. Her voice is addicting and I wouldn't mind being able to hear it every day.

"Uh n-no you don't have to apologize. We were tucked away in the corner." Corey stumbles out and I am not sure I have ever seen his this strung out over a girl. Not even Kayli.

Sang just smiles and shakes her head. On the way over here, Gabe told us she would probably be shy and he is definitely right.
Marc's POV:
Perfection. That is all I can think about Sang. She has perfect little freckles dotting her face that you can only see in the light. "Cam get a plate and grab whatever you want." Sang sweet voice drags me from my ogling and Nathan is staring straight at me with a look that says I feel the exact same way.

Sang's little brother does exactly what she says and then gets a mischievous look in his eyes. "Can I have some chocolate too?" He asks in a little kid tone that could melt anyones heart and by the look on Ravens face right now, it did.
"Can he have chocolate? Please? I'm sure he deserves it." Raven begs Sang and a huge smile graces her face. There are sharp inhales of breath and I know for a fact I am one of them.

"Well Cam you have a great advocate. I guess you can have some." Sang teases and Camerons face lights up.

Sang sets down the knife she was using and walks over to one of the cabinets on the far side of her kitchen. She opens the cabinet and I can see the bag of chocolate but I have no clue how she is going to reach it. She jumps and surprisingly comes very close to reaching it but doesn't quite touch it. She tries two more times and by this point there are several people chuckling. Sang turns around and her cheeks are bright red and her eyes narrow down on Silas. Feisty.

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