Chapter 25

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Everyone in your life will have a 'last day' with you, and there is no way of knowing when that day is
Sang's POV:
The sounds of Lily screaming are what wake me up in the morning. My eyes slowly open and I half-expect North to still be here with me, but he is gone. I roll over into the other pillow and slowly stand up. I start to walk out of the bedroom when I see a note tucked on my nightstand.


Sorry I had to leave early this morning. I hope you slept well the rest of the night and feel better. Please remember what we talked about. There are muffins downstairs for you and the kids.

None of us are going to school today because we have a meeting for our jobs. I am so fucking sorry we can't tell you more, and that you'll be alone. If you need anything at all text or call one of us throughout the day. No matter what.

Check in with us every few hours please.

Ps. I threw away the chocolate chips I found in the pantry. They aren't healthy this early in the morning baby.

-North star

Lily is still crying so I throw the note down and and head to her room. She is still laying down, but she is squirming and her cheeks, nose, and eyes are red from her tears. I pick her up and gently lay her against my shoulder which she absolutely loves and calms down. Of course she wants to be carried around today.

I carry her downstairs with me and sure enough there is a platter set out with 6 strawberry muffins on it, and a plastic covering. It isn't fair he threw my chocolate chips away, but I will take his baking any day.

I take 3 of the muffins and set them on a plate and warm them in the microwave. The timer goes off just as Cameron comes shuffling down the stairs. "Morning Cameron. North made us muffins." He eyes the muffins with a small tired smile and grabs one off of the plate.

"Are any of them coming over today?" He whispers out in his morning voice that is always softer than normal.

"I don't know Cam. You know if you mind them coming over you can tell me right? Do you mind them?"

"No I like them coming over. They are fun and always make you happy. I wish they were here all the time." He shakes his head as he finishes his last bite of muffin.

"Okay. Go get dressed, brush your hair, and your teeth then come back down." I tell him as I feed Lily her muffin and eat bits of mine. Cameron nods his head and sluggishly shuffles back up the stairs and I hear a door shut. I finish off my food and wash mine and Lily's hand before getting us ready.

I have Lily ready, and sitting in her bed playing before I get myself ready. My phone goes off on my bed and when I check it Gabe has texted me.

Gabe:Wear a pair of ripped jeans, your white textured shirt, and the maroon cardigan.

Sang: Isn't that a bit dressy for a Monday?

Gabe: Trouble I am in charge of the outfits here. Please wear it. You'll look fucking gorgeous. Not that you don't already

Sang: Thank you meanie. Ill wear the outfit.


I pick out everything he said to and it is a good outfit.

I pick out everything he said to and it is a good outfit

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