Chapter 26

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You didn't break my heart. You deliberately destroyed it.
Gabe's POV: (In the morning.)
Sitting around the board table at the academy, waiting for the fucking Toma team to show up is not something I wanted to be doing. I don't think anybody on my team wants to be here. North is scowling. Kota is counting, Silas is mumbling some weird shit in Greek, Victor is playing a tune with his fingers, Luke isn't eating any chocolate which is the damn weirdest of all. Doc isn't smiling or making stupid jokes, Nathan is tapping his foot like he needs to run, and even Mr.B looks impatient. As far as I go, I am about to say all to hell with this meeting and make sure trouble is okay at school today.

If there is one thing I know it is that kids are assholes. All of us are, except trouble of course.

The door to the conference room opens and the Toma team strolls in as if we have all damn day. They have 5 people on their team; Axel, Marc, Raven, Corey, and Brandon. "You all good? You look like your about to explode. All of you." Marc asks in a snicker but also curiosity in his eyes.

"We are all fine Mr.Weiland, but we would like to get this matter settled.'' Mr. Blackbourne states some how finding it in himself to find his composure. Axel raises his eyebrows but simply nods while the rest of them eye us carefully.

Axel takes a seat at the head of the table while Brandon and Marc go to sone side, and Corey and Raven goes to the other.

Everybody knows about Corey and Ravens relation ship and nobody cares. These two don't exactly hide it and as different as they are, it works.

For the next few hours we discuss the possibility of us becoming one team. We have been thinking about it for a while and academy wise, it make sense. I don't know how I feel about it now that we have trouble. They would find out about her eventually and I'm afraid we might lose her. I think the others think the same.

After hours of talking and deciding how it would work if we did it, we finally get a fucking break. "Alright half an hour break then well go back at it." Mr.B commands and instantly we all have out phones out ready to text trouble.

"Oy you fuckers I get to text her. I bet she misses me the most." I jut my chin out but they all know there is no real heat behind the second part. Somehow we haven't gotten jealous of each other.

"No I wanna text her please!" Luke begs.

"I should ask Agelle mou how she is doing." Silas declares.

"No I should talk to princess,I kinda ran out yesterday and I want to make sure everything is okay."

"WHAT IF POOKIE NEEDS A DOCTOR. SHE NEEDS MEEEEE!" Doc all but yells and at that point Luke and I have doubled over laughing while Mr.B shakes his head in disappointment.

"Gentlemen I don't think that is appropriate. She has already contacted me and let me know she was okay." Mr.B chastises and after a second of silence laughter busts out from the Toma Team.  All of them are laughing, even Axel is.

"What are you fuckers laughing at?" I demand and that only spurs them on farther.

Corey is the one who calms down enough to finally answer me. "We have never seen you all so worked up over something and it is quite amusing." He snickers and it kind of makes sense.

"So who is this person?" Brandon asks and we all look around at each other.  We should tell them the truth because they were the other people who helped us look for her, and they deserve to know we have found her. As I looks round at my family we all know that so it it is North who speaks next.

"The girl is the one that Silas and I had been looking for. The one you all were helping us find which I guess you don't have to now." He grumbles clearly upset with having to tell them.

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