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How It All Began by Dizzo1
How It All Beganby Academylove14
Sang's having a bad week. She just caught her boyfriend cheating on her and now he refuses to give her stuff back unless she talks to him. Luckily, the men she trains ha...
Darling | All16 | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Darling | All16 | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter...
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Camp Life by GabrielsHiddenHeart
Camp Lifeby Beka
Beka is a normal girl who works at Girl Scout Camp. What happens when Academy members start working there too?
All Her Broken Pieces by Rcreamer
All Her Broken Piecesby R.K. Creamer
Sang Sorenson has been chewed up and spit out by life too many times. Abused by her stepmother. Neglected by her father. Hated by her sister. Bullied by jealous girls...
Finding Fate by Azallya
Finding Fateby Lya
When Sang was 9 years old, she was rescued from her abusive family by Dr. Roberts. Sang was adopted by Dr. Roberts and was taken to his home in South Carolina where she...
Is there anything we can do? Wattys2016  (completed) by sanglukevictor
Is there anything we can do? sanglukevictor
Sang Sorenson is 18 years old when she gets the worse news of her life she has Glioblastoma multiform and has a slim hope of survival. What will happen when She meets th...
Broken Heart (slow update) by academybrat
Broken Heart (slow update)by academybrat
After The school year was over the boys and Sang looks forward to the summer vacation. Sang can't wait to spend uninterrupted time with the boys. Then she overhears the...
Our Saving Grace by readerchick428
Our Saving Graceby E.A. Baker
What if it wasn't the Blackbourne team that found and rescued Sang from her abusive family, but rather the Toma team? What if Sang became the little sister to the Toma t...
All Alone (Book 1)(All 14 Ghost Bird) by crybbyalert
All Alone (Book 1)(All 14 Ghost Noel
Sang Sorenson has been alone for most of her life, that is until she moves to South Carolina and attends Ashley Waters where she meets fourteen boys and her life was cha...
Kiss of the Phoenix  by persephoneofspring
Kiss of the Phoenix by Persephone
"No more mutants." Those are the words that decimated the mutant population across the globe. Spoken by a crazed Scarlet Witch, 90% of the mutant population wa...
Recovery by hiddenrainbowheart
Recoveryby Rachel
This is a fanfiction about Sang and her academy boys with an alternative beginning that drives the rest of the story. ***This is purely a FAN FICTION!! All the rights...
The Phoenix (Raven's sister C.L. Stone fanfic) by Moonlight_Glow549
The Phoenix (Raven's sister C.L. sleepy
"Your a Phoenix baby. Your a challenge, you created walls so high, that it's hard for us to break you out. Yet the more cracks we add to those walls, the more we re...
Cry for me by BlackJadedesertrose
Cry for meby Rosalani Lee
Waking up as someone new is kinda exiting, especially after you just died. But waking up as a second based character that people want to kill actively isn't so fun or g...
The Academy Of Time - Complete by Dizzo1
The Academy Of Time - Completeby Academylove14
A FANFICTION OF CL STONE'S ACADEMY SERIES. Sang Sorenson was crazy. After all it was crazy to claim to see people who weren't there, to see places that couldn't be, eve...
Family First (ghost bird fanfic) completed  by Queenreading
Family First (ghost bird fanfic) Queenreading
I do not own anything from the amazing works of C L Stone. Just a humble fan. First fan fiction please take it easy on me. Sang and the boys have finished at Ashley Wate...
Celestial by Azallya
Celestialby Lya
Five hundred years ago, human race was almost taken over by evil forces if it was not for the sudden appearance of ten individuals with immense power. They were able to...
Please Don't Leave Me Behind Again (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Please Don't Leave Me Behind Jaliza A Burwell
Sang Sorenson grew up in Greece and used to be close friends with Silas Korba. But then one day he left with his friend and she never saw him again. At least until six y...
Breeding in the Academy: Searching for Freedom (All 9) by Azallya
Breeding in the Academy: Lya
The Y chromosome is slowly disappearing, and the government placed the Academy, a plan to save the men. Scientists discovered that men O negative blood type father the b...
The True Tribrid by NishaLunaStarbright
The True Tribridby Nisha
Sang Sorensen, is a human wolf hybrid, or so she thinks, even though she knows she's different from her species. When she moves to South Charleston with her family, she...