Chapter 6

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One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can't change.
Sean's POV:
Today is the day our Ashley Waters mission officially started. I can't exactly say I am excited, but it will get us a lot of favors. Owen and I are stuck here while the boys are out finishing up a quick last minute mission. I just got off of a 8 hour shift at the hospital and feel like I could fall asleep standing up.
"Why don't you go get coffee Sean? You look like your about to die."
That ladies and gentlemen is my best friend, Owen Blackbourne. He doesn't joke often and when he does it is only ever in front of me.

I mock looking offended and sassily reply," Do I not look up to your standards Owen? That truly is a shame."

"Sean you'll never be up to my standards. Now go get us coffee." That's his way of joking. I was telling the truth when I said he didn't do it often. I simply roll my eyes in reply and head out the door and down the hallway to get my much needed coffee.

I am about halfway down there when I hear the dreaded voice of Mr.McCoy.
"Young lady what do you think your wearing?' It isn't even the first day of school and he is harassing girls already. I come off my original path to save the girl he is going after. I turn the last corner and am instantly stunned for a second. I see the foul looking McCoy, but the girl he is talking to is absolutely stunning.

She has blonde hair that Gabe would have a field day with. I can't see much of her body because of the modest clothes she is wearing, but I can see her legs. God, shes beautiful. As my gaze lowers I see the little boy pushing himself into the beautiful girls back, while shaking. That is when I remember why I am here.

I walk down the hallways as fast as I can, and even though I only get to see a glimpse of the girls face, she looks relieved I'm here.
"Mr.McCoy I saw you lunge at this young boy and was wondering what was going on?"
He visibly turns redder, knowing he has been caught but explains everything. I ask the girl to put her hands down,and her skirt is long enough. If anything I wish it were a little shorter.
No! Bad Sean!
Mr.McCoy says some snarky comments, and then he is off and down the hallway. I don't take my eyes off of him until he is out of sight.

When I turn back around, I am once again faced with a beautiful sight. Once she sees I'm looking at her she begins thanking me profusely, for absolutely no reason at all. "Thank you so much. I truly can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I am going to go sign up for classes now but thank you again. Have a nice day." I am so shocked by how thankful she is that she begins walking away before I can even say anything. Don't get me wrong I know girls can be polite, but not this polite. Before I can comprehend what I am doing I reach out and grip her arm. It instantly is like a switch flipped and she turned back to me instantly. What was that?

I am an idiot. A grown man just harassed her, and now here is another one grabbing onto her. How stupid can I be? " I was serious when I said you could come to my office and get your classes done." She instantly reply's with a polite decline. I have to get her to meet Owen. She as to come back to the offices. Suddenly I look back to the still shaking little boy and realize the perfect thing."It would be good for your brother to have the chance to calm down."

She seems to think about it and reluctantly nods. Thank god. We start walking to the office, and she is very quiet. Most teenage girls are more...theatrical. We get to the doors and as soon as we step in Owen snaps his head up and locks eyes with the girl. They stare at each other for a moment, and then I tell her to sit down. She goes to walk and Owen and I both notice the boy isn't following before she does. She only realizes when her shirt is pulled back from her body.

She turns around and once she sees Cameron she is instantly bent in front of him at his eye level. I have no idea where she learned that technique, but good on her. She must think we can't hear her because she starts whispering in the softest tone I have ever heard to her little brother."Hey buddy what's wrong?"

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