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Stiles walked into the classroom for biology, sitting at his desk behind Kira's, while she sat next to Scott.

"Hello, class," The teacher said half heartedly,"Today we will be talking about sexual safety and how important it is unless some of you want to end up teen parents."

Stiles's phone buzzed and he looked down for a moment, reading the text.

A:Why is she teaching this?

Allison, why Allison is texting him in the middle of class in a town where most people believe she's dead, Stiles did not know.

S:Are you here?

A:I'm on the roof.


A:In case another monster wants to come back from the dead to try and kill everyone.

"Mr. Stilinski," The teacher said, bringing his eyes up toward her,"Perhaps you'd like to share with the class what you're texting about?"

"Uh...Just texting someone from my online gaming community that battles mythical creatures," Stiles offered, earning a couple snickers from the students around him.

"That, Mr. Stilinski, is why you'll always be a virgin," The teacher told him.

"He's not a virgin," Malia commented,"In fact he's probably better at sex then anyone in this school."

Stiles looked down, blushing. Fifteen thousand years will teach you a thing or two about how to pleasure a woman.

"That's enough out of you, Malia," The teacher said, glaring at her.

"Well, if you're going to pick on my friend, I can defend him," Malia growled.

Stiles got an idea, and he started to smile.

He stood up, walking to the front of the class,"Wanna know something interesting. Back in the day, a couple thousand years ago, sex was all about one thing. Getting married and having a baby."

"Mr. Stilinski, sit down," The teacher growled.

"Not now, I'm teaching," Stiles told her, and turned back to the front of the class,"As I was saying before she so rudely interrupted. Sex was used to make a baby. That's the biological reason why people have sex. It wasn't because they were the hot girl in school, like my buddy Scott over there. It was to make your family grow. But now a days it's all about pleasure, in my opinion, sex shouldn't just be about sex. It should be about connection with someone you truly like. And maybe, if that liking someone, turns into loving them. Then make a family, because there is no greater feeling than looking at your kid, seeing them all grown up, making a life of their own," Stiles finished, glancing around the room, locking eyes with Kira for maybe a second before Stiles looked away.

Stiles sat back down, his phone buzzing again.

A:WTF was that?


Time Skip

"Drink up," Stiles said, tossing a blood bag to Mikael,"Can't have you desiccating on me just yet."

"I don't feed on animal blood," Mikael spat.

"I'm sorry, what's one of your favorite sayings?" Stiles asked,"In times of need, even the Devil eats flies. Which is completely inaccurate since the Devil doesn't eat at all."

Mikael begrudgingly started to drink the blood that Stiles had gotten from a deer,"Let me out of here, Henrik," He sneered.

"Check the attitude," Stiles replied,"And my name's not Henrik, it's Stiles."

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