Training Day

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Scott woke up to the sound of a rubber ball pounding against dirt. He stood up from his hammock, grunting as he stretched his sore muscles, not accustomed to sleeping in the rope contraption.

Pulling his shoes on he stepped outside the pavilion, looking at the Alpha brothers playing basketball with Stiles, the absurdly large court allowing them to use their supernatural abilities.

When Stiles managed to use his supernatural strength to jump over them and dunk the ball and landed on his feet, Jonah made a comment in Samoan, earning a few chuckles from the others.

"Nice," Stiles said in English,"Made it three days being a Lionheart without a cat joke."

They were playing six on seven, Stiles playing on the smaller team mostly because he had been playing basketball for several decades.

It was weird for Scott, seeing Stiles this way. Playing a game with other guys who were twice his size but he still played better than three of them combined. Everything that now involved Stiles was weird for him.

He's the father to his girlfriend, his best friend who was also a ninja, a new kind of shapeshifter the world had never seen before, and fifteen thousand years old.

Stiles went for a layup, jumping about six feet into the air, about to toss it toward the rim, but Jason jumped higher and he slapped it out of Stiles's hands and the ball went flying and Scott barely caught it.

"Wassup, Scotty," Stiles said, smiling,"We could use an extra player."

"No, no. You can't have a True Alpha and Abel on your team," Jason said.

"Alright, you can have him and we'll trade for lazy ass Xander," Stiles said and Xander only gave him a vulgar gesture.

"I don't know," Scott said, stepping onto the dirt court,"Lacrosse is more my speed. I don't even know the rules."

"Keep the ball dribbling when you move, and try to make a basket also while trying not to get squashed," Stiles told him,"C'mon, Scott."

Scott thought for a moment, bouncing the ball, getting a feel for it.

And he nodded.

They lined up, now seven on seven, Scott and Stiles on opposite teams for the first time in a while.

Scott was told that he should be the one to go for the jump ball and at their insistence, he did but as he looked at Jason's massive form he began to doubt himself.

Stiles threw it up and quickly dashed to his side of the court and Scott and Jason both jumped up to try and reach the ball, Scott's fingers grazed it, but Jason was the one who grabbed it and threw it to their side.

Scott landed in a crouch, taking off running to try and get the ball, but he was blocked by two massive brothers and they were like a giant wall.

Someone managed to toss Scott the ball and he was immediately tackled by Xander for it, he fell to the ground, a cloud of dust around him from the impact.

Stiles sighed, going into a crouch beside the True Alpha,"You're holding yourself back, Scott."

"No, I'm not," Scott grunted, sitting up.

"Dude, you're stronger than all these guys," Stiles said,"Remember what happened with Ennis and you weren't even a full Alpha yet."

Scott did remember that night when they fought the Alpha pack, they had run at each other and collided with equal force, allowing them to bounce back from each other.

"You can let go, Scott. There's nobody you can hurt here that won't heal. And they're werewolves, they like to play rough."

"I don't wanna hurt anybody."

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