Guardian Angel

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Stiles sliced straight through a tree trunk, smiling. The sword was still humming with energy and lightning.

He pulled it back into the scabbard, pulling it onto his back he took off running into the forest, the trees blurring past him til he finally got to his house and climbed through the window.

Stiles wasn't staying though, he just came to pick something up. Grabbing his suit, he pulled it on swiftly. The mask and hood are the last thing to come on.

His swords strapped to either sides of his back and throwing knives tied around his wrists so all he needed to do was flick his wrist for access

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His swords strapped to either sides of his back and throwing knives tied around his wrists so all he needed to do was flick his wrist for access.

Holding the katana he had made in his left hand he jumped back out the window. But this time he didn't run across the ground. It would be faster and more fun to go across the roofs for him.

Climbing onto the roof of his home was more difficult in his current vessel than in his previous ones because it lacked exercise for most of his life, but he managed.

Running and jumping across roofs were much easier though, and it felt so freeing for him to feel the adrenaline rush and the weight on his feet when he ran.

It was maybe thirty minutes before he stopped at the proper house. Dropping down onto the ground, pulling out a small knife he swiped it under the lock of the window, unlocking it.

Almost completely silent he pushed the window open, and climbed inside, the only sound was the evening breeze filling the small curtains.

He jumped through the window and rolled when he hit the ground, keeping himself from making the smallest thump.

He stood and looked toward the bed where Kira laid, sleeping soundly, unaware of the stranger in her room. That's all he really was to her, a stranger.

His hand tightened around Arashi, he couldn't do this to her, not just yet. Turning her life upside down after she only just found out about the supernatural a couple months agom she wasn't prepared for what Stiles wanted her to know.

He turned back toward the window when her door slid open.

"Kira?!" Noshiko said, grabbing a sword hanging from a wall just outside her room.

Kira shot awake,"Mom?" She asked, not fully comprehending what was going on.

Noshiko lunged forward, sword raised, but with a flick of his wrist he sent a knife toward her with deadly precision if he was trying to kill her. But instead it caught the cuff of her sleeve, pinning her hand against the wall.

Kira stood, going to her mother to help her, but when they both look back toward Stiles, he was gone.

Time Skip

"He broke into your house?!" Scott asked Kira, wide eyed,"Are you sure it was the same guy that killed those hunters?"

"Black hood with swords," Kira said,"Who else would it be? Unless there's some kind of ninja league with that kind of dress code, I don't know who else it would be."

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