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Stiles drove a humvee across a dirt road, the native trees of Samoa racing past them.

The people who had decided to come with him on the trip were Kira, Noshiko, Josie, Scott, Mikael, and Allison. Most of them crammed into the back seat.

"Thirteen brothers?" Scott asked in disbelief.

"Technically twelve," Stiles replied,"I was number thirteen too. I died in an accident, then Mama got pregnant with me again. She's the first one that I've ever been born to twice. But yeah, twelve brothers."

"What are they like?" Josie asked.

"We would die for each other, no questions asked. But we can hardly agree on anything except for a few things. I'd expect that they still play basketball together everyday. Probably five on five with Bug still sitting out occasionally."

"Bug?" Kira asked, confused.

"His real name is Morgan. But he went by Morgy for a while but we couldn't pronounce it very well so it came out Buggy, then it just became Bug, and it stuck. He likes to yell at everything we're doing wrong, then when he try's to show us up. He can't."

"That doesn't sound like a Samoan name," Noshiko commented.

"We don't do cultural names here. Mama named us the names that would best fit our personality, regardless of what language it originates."

"What'd she name you?" Allison asked curiously.

"Abel," Stiles answered with a small smirk,"She named me Abel."

"Did she know?"

Stiles shook his head,"Not in my first lifetime, but in my second when she had named me Abel again, I told her."

They came up over a hill, revealing a clearing with a few trees still scattered around the houses. And Josie felt them pass through a protection spell.

The only thing Josie really knew about Samoa was a few spells and mythologies that had originated there. But seeing it in real life was a whole different perspective.

All the houses had long tall roofs, a few of them didn't have walls either. They passed a peculiar basketball court. Peculiar because it was twice the size of a normal court, almost like a football field, where there should have been cement or concrete there beaten down dirt, and the hoops were attached to a twenty five foot pole, something very few humans have a chance at making.

Josie shot Stiles a questioning look, and he gave her a look with a spark of mischief in it, as if to say,'You'll see.'

They stopped at the only two story house in the whole village, and Stiles was suddenly nervous.

They all stepped out of the car, all of them stretching from being cramped in the car for a few hours.

Josie had taken her shoes off at some point during the trip, and when her bare feet hit the ground, the rocks tickled her feet. Wiggling her toes, she looked down at them, noticing how her feet were more comfortable without shoes than with them. In fact, it felt like the her skin was almost thicker, allowing her to be protected from the sharp rocks and pieces of wood.

There was a large bonfire pit off to the side of the house, large logs of wood surrounding it for benches. It kind of reminded Josie of the Old Mill in Mystic Falls, how the high school age kids would start these massive bonfires with their magic and just hang out.

"Uh, you guys might wanna back up a little bit," Stiles said, his hands jittery, a quirk that he had whenever he was nervous.

He knocked on the door, and he could hear each footstep come closer to the door and his heart pounded faster with each step.

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