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Kira groaned, every part of her body feeling sore, her eyes opened and she blinked up at the morning sun. She was surrounded by trees, the canal just a few feet away from her.

"Kira!" Noshiko yelled, running forward along with her non-bio Dad.

Yukimura had come prepared, bringing a new change of clothes, and Kira didn't realize it until she saw them that she was completely naked.

"What happened?" Kira asked, only glimpses coming back to her from the night before.

Change Of View

Josie woke up in a similar position, dirt and filth covering every inch of her body, only Scott was ten feet away from her, unconscious, with several claw marks on him that was telling her he was healing.

"Scott?" Josie said, making him open his eyes wearily.

"You're back to normal," Scott noticed, blood loss taking its toll on him.

Josie looked down at herself, and she saw that she didn't have any clothes on. Blushing, she remembered the spell that Hope had created so she wouldn't have to constantly worry about clothes. Saying the spell, a simple t-shirt and shorts appeared on her.

Standing up, she ran to his side, not noticing that her feet didn't hurt at all from running barefoot across the rocks.

Scott giggled sluggishly,"You were a lion."

"Did I do this to you?" Josie asked, looking down at the several slashes covering his body that resembled claw marks and massive bites.

"Yeah," Scott said.

"A-Alright, let's get you to Deaton. He can speed your healing or something."

"Did you change your hair?" Scott asked.

"No, Scott, I didn't--" She trailed off, realizing something was definitely different. While most of her hair was the same brown, there was a long streak starting at her hairline and coming down in front of her face,"What?" She said in utter confusion.

Then shaking her head, she pulled Scott's arm around her and she stood, expecting for him to be very heavy. But he felt like the equivalent of a twenty pound weight to her.

With Josie taking most of his weight they made it to the animal clinic, shocked to see the whole Yukimura family already there, Kira looking just as dirty as Josie with a similar blonde streak in her black hair.

"You too?" Kira said, her voice hoarse like she had been screaming all night.

Josie nodded, too many events happening for her to comprehend.

Change Of View

Stiles opened his eyes, looking around the bayou and saw that he was surrounded by the Crescent Wolves.

"Wassup," Stiles groaned, standing up, then he looked down,"I did not miss this part of being a shapeshifter."

A lot of the werewolves were still just looking at him in shock and fear.

"Look alive!" Stiles snapped, making them flinch,"Can I please borrow some pants? And a phone will work too."

Soon Freya came rolling in with her car, and Stiles stood up, walking over, while she bolted out of the car,"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Stiles said, breathing heavily, stretching his muscles, noticing how several of them appeared bigger,"Do you have my phone?"

Freya nodded, handing it to him,"It's been going off all night."

Right on cue, Stiles got a call from Noshiko, and he answered it immediately, asking,"Is Kira okay?"

Noshiko started shouting several japanese curse words, making him feel infinitely worse than he already did, then he started speaking in japanese as well, explaining what had happened and why. Then Noshiko told him something that made his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

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