Methods Of Interrogation

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Silas groaned when he woke up, slowly sitting up and realizing he had chains around his hands connected to a spike in the floor.

He lifted his hands to his head and felt a metal band wrapped around his head, somehow keeping him from using his psychic powers.

"Morning, sunshine," Stiles said, making Silas look up at him.

Stiles wore his suit, but he didn't have his mask or hood on, and Allison stood behind him trying to look intimidating.

"Oh, great," Silas said sarcastically, standing up,"Is this the part where you torture me for information?"

"No," Stiles said,"This is the part where we appeal to whatever soul you have left, then I torture you."

Silas shrugged,"I've been to hell and back, my soul is long gone."

Stiles smiled, kind of hoping that would be his answer. He turned toward Allison,"What do you wanna do first?"

Allison shrugged, turning to the table where there were an assortment of tools,"I have learned a thing or two, but you probably still know more than me."

Stiles nodded, picking up a strange set of pliers,"You can consider this a lesson then," Stiles said, handing her the pliers,"That one's usually used for the nipples," He picked up a spiked clamp, showing it to her,"Balls. Or my personal favorite..." He said, picking something up,"The potty trainer," In his hand, he held what looked like a foot long corkscrew.

Silas watched the exchange with fearful eyes.

"Do you think you can use this?" Allison asked, holding up a blow torch.

"Oh, that's perfect," Stiles said,"What would you like to start with?"

Allison looked between the several tools,"I'm kind of interested to see the potty trainer."

Stiles smiled,"Great," He said, Allison ignited the blow torch and Stiles ran the tool under the blue flame.

"Wait," Silas said,"J-Just wait."

Allison shut the blow torch off, and Stiles threw the tool in a bucket of water, a hiss of steam rising from it.

"How did you come back?" Stiles asked.

"I don't know," Silas answered,"I just woke up in the middle of the forest, but I was immortal again. There was a voice though, it told me one thing before I woke up."

"What was it?"

Silas hesitated a moment,"It told me to kill the Mikaelsons."

Stiles certainly didn't expect that to be the answer,"Kill the Mikaelsons?"

"That was all," Silas said.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Stiles said, turning back to the table.

"Are you gonna let me go or dessicate me for another two thousand years?" Silas asked nervously.

"Neither," Stiles says,"I'm sending you back to hell."

"Did you forget the part where I'm immortal again?"

"No, you seem to be mentioning that a lot," Stiles said, turning around and lifting a vial of red liquid to show Silas,"Recognize this?"

Silas's eyes widened in horror,"Where did you get that?"

"You didn't think that dear old Qetsiyah would take the chance of you not taking the cure, did you?" Stiles asked, smiling,"You see, this isn't a cure, it's a poison. So if you drink this, you just die, no turning into a witch again. No more immortality and you're back in hell like you never left."

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