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Stiles woke up with a weight on his chest, the blackout curtains still around them, at some point during the night his fire went out and so did Josie's, but as soon as he opened his eyes, his returned. His red fire came to life, not as powerful as it was the night before, but as the red glow cast over Josie's face, her lips slightly parted, the very lips he had kissed last night.

Those very lips he was tempted to kiss awake right now.

She let out a small moan and her own fire came to life, but she only nuzzled into his chest more, like she was trying to go back to sleep.

"Josie," He whispered, running a flaming hand down her bare back,"Jo."

"I don't wanna get up," She slurred, feeling Stiles's heartbeat against her cheek, and her eyes shot open, now very aware of the situation she was in. Half naked on top of Stiles.

"I'm not stopping you," Stiles informed her.

Josie let out a groan, letting her forehead fall into the center of Stiles's chest.

She had slept with him, she cringed at the way it sounded in her mind, she had slept on top of him for a full night. He was actually the first man that had gone through that, she almost had with Landon when they dated, but that was for very different reasons. The only other time she could think of was when she was five years old and she had a nightmare so she crawled into her Father's bed.

But she had done it without hesitation with Stiles, with her shirt off too. And another strange part was that she was okay with it, in fact she wanted more of it.

They hadn't even touched each other in a sexual way, unless she counted the kiss the night before.

Holy crap, they kissed. Josie remembered with wide eyes. It had only been two weeks since Josie had officially broken up with Finch and now she was kissing other people.

"You okay?" Stiles asked her, noticing how her body tensed.

"Yeah," She lied, plastering on a smile, and Stiles knew instantly she was lying.

"Josie," Stiles said, whispering to her softly,"What's wrong?"

"It hasn't been a month since I broke up with Finch and I'm already sleeping with other people," Josie said softly,"I really really like you, Stiles. But I'm feeling guilty because I want you, but I'm still sorting out my feelings for Finch."

Stiles had forgotten, she was still going through her break up,"Josie, I'm so sorry," He told her,"I-I completely forgot and--"

"Stiles, it's okay," Josie reassured him,"You were a little occupied," She said, blushing.

Time Skip

"Cold?" Mama repeated, Josie and Stiles sitting next to each other on a couch while she sat in a large chair.

"Freezing," Josie said,"I could've been in the middle of a forest fire and I couldn't have warmed up."

"This is new for me," Mama admitted,"Only two other people have been Afi Masaga. And their spark led to the creation of every human that had ever lived, died, and yet to be born."

"So...we're just meant to be together or something like that?" Stiles asked her, and he felt Josie cringe at how it sounded.

Mama smiled,"No."

"Wait, what?" Josie asked, leaning forward,"I thought being a Twin Flame meant that you are meant to be with someone. Romantically."

"That is a soulmate," She reminded them,"You are Twin Flames. Adam and Eve were meant to start the human race and they did. But it wasn't until after they did fall in love."

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