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Stiles Is In A Gang!? by TW_TMR
Stiles Is In A Gang!?by TW_TMR
what if stiles isn't who he says he is? what is he's got secrets? what if the spazzy ADHD riddled kid isn't as Innocent as they all think he is? how will the pack react?
The Dead Son (Slow Updates) by werewolf7745
The Dead Son (Slow Updates)by Son Of Stope
A thousand years ago, Freya Mikaelson conceived a son, but when his Father died, she tried to kill herself while she was still pregnant with him. Hoping to release both...
Unexpected (Hope & Stiles) by werewolf7745
Unexpected (Hope & Stiles)by Son Of Stope
What if Hope left Mystic Falls, like she intended to when everyone remembered her? And she came to the town of Beacon Hills, where she meets a boy a little to sarcastic...
Infinite by werewolf7745
Infiniteby Son Of Stope
Henrik Mikaelson. Always known as the child taken too soon. The One that motivated Esther to make vampires. His siblings were made immortal, but no one knew that he alre...
Symbol Of Hope by werewolf7745
Symbol Of Hopeby Son Of Stope
Stiles was kicked out of the pack because they thought he was weak but really he is the strongest thing on the planet so he leaves after finding out his origins trying t...
You're Just Like Me? (Sequel to I'm an Avenger) by MultiverseTwister
You're Just Like Me? (Sequel to I' Descendants97
Book 2 of 'I'm an Avenger' I do not own any of the characters nor the movies or shows. After the whole chituari invasion, stiles has live digs best life with the family...
Teen Wolf One-shot stories by whimsical_girl_357
Teen Wolf One-shot storiesby Whimsy
Just a bunch of scenarios I came up with that fall under the Genius!Stiles, Magic!Stiles, BAMF!Stiles and/or Stiles pushed out of pack tropes. All about 1000 - 2000 word...
The Long Way Home by stilesstilinski_147
The Long Way Homeby Stiles Stilinski
If there was one thing Stiles could agree on is that he hated-absolutely hated hunters. It was one thing to be kidnapped and get the shit beat out of you by a geriatric...
Multiverse by werewolf7745
Multiverseby Son Of Stope
There are hundreds of worlds, each of them unique in there own way. Specifically the young human boy known as Stiles Stilinski. Come on this journey to know just how di...
Stiles Crossovers by fuxk_this_shiz24
Stiles Crossoversby I am Ironman
What the title says Basically Stiles being a badass bitch and the pack being fuck heads
Looking for myself by musingswithwings
Looking for myselfby D~
When sheriff stilinski finds about all the lies stiles tells him( in a wrong way) he decides to send stiles to boarding school. What stiles doesn't know that this was be...
The lives he's lead - stiles stilinski  by KRUG3R
The lives he's lead - stiles Don’tbesuchasourwolf
Imma make this as simple as I can 5 months ago stiles disappeared from beacon hills without a trace after the fiasco with donovan. 1 month ago stiles returned to beaco...
Hope Andrea Argent by werewolf7745
Hope Andrea Argentby Son Of Stope
In order to keep Hope Mikaelson safe from their enemies her parents faked her death and gave her up for adoption. She was adopted six months later by Kate Argent. Kate...
Stilinski's New Crew (Sterek) by AntwaniceGaines
Stilinski's New Crew (Sterek)by antwanice gaines
Stiles gets kicked out of the pack when they figure out he killed donnovan. Stiles ends up leaving beacon hills to make something of himself along with the help of deato...
woof    (Complete) by RoyalKirin
woof (Complete)by Kirin
The nogitsune killed alison and the pack was morning her however it also fucked with stiles. Derek x stiles Bad friends, neglectful john (just doing his job), fox stiles.
Beauty And The Beast by werewolf7745
Beauty And The Beastby Son Of Stope
The pack is gone, dead, completely killed by hunters, Stiles was the only one to survive because Scott gave him the bite at the last second. But he didn't turn into a we...
Adopted by thenotsocrazylunatic
Adoptedby Lunatic
ADOPT əˈdɒpt/ verb past tense: adopted; past participle: adopted 1. legally take (another's child) and bring it up as one's own. 2. choose to take up or follow (an idea...
Sterek - The Red Rogue Hunter by otaku6337
Sterek - The Red Rogue Hunterby Otaku6337
Stiles Stilinski is a nomadic rogue hunter known as 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Rather than hunting werewolves, his prey is hunters. But, when he helps the Hale pack maybe...
Evolution by werewolf7745
Evolutionby Son Of Stope
Supernaturals have always been the dominant species, but over the last hundred years a new species has emerged. Mutants, seen as a plague for the humans, and abomination...
Fire Always Burns (Stiles & Hope) by werewolf7745
Fire Always Burns (Stiles & Hope)by Son Of Stope
Stiles' Dad died, and his secret comes to light. He's a Hellhound, like Parrish but he has more control. Deaton his legal guardian ships him off to some fancy school f...