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"Alright, what about holding hands in public?" Josie asked, going down a list, kneeling down beside Stiles on the bed.

"Yes, I'm fine with that," Stiles said, staring at the ceiling.

After they both had woken up and...did a few other things, they both had gotten dressed, Josie wearing a pair of denim shorts and one of Stiles's flannel shirts with only a few of the buttons holding it closed, while he wore a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Since this was Stiles's first real relationship in centuries, and Josie had crapped out with the ones she's had, she literally made a list of things that they would need consent with each other to do. So far they could kiss in public, hold hands, and share food.

"Alright, sex wise would you prefer you putting on condoms or me taking birth control?" Josie said, then paused,"We probably should have done something like that last night."

"I'm fine with either one," Stiles said.

"Okay, are you comfortable with giving me a pat on the butt every now and then?"

Stiles's head lifted as he looked at her incredulously,"What?"

"I've heard couples do that," Josie told him.

"Yeah, couples who have been married for years," Stiles informed her,"Last I checked we've been officially dating for..." He said, doing the mental calculations,"A little over twelve hours now."

Josie crossed it off the list,"Not that one then. Now, what--"

"Okay, stop," Stiles said, sitting up,"Josie, I love that you care so much about this, but we don't need to make a list for this type of thing."

Josie let out a breath,"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to do this right."

"I know," Stiles said,"But you can't just figure out how to date someone within the first twenty four hours. It takes time."

Josie nodded, looking down.

"Do I have consent to hug you?" Stiles asked her, trying out a joke.

Josie nodded, and they wrapped their arms around each other, their fires showing.

"But what about pet names?" Josie asked, making Stiles chuckle.

"You can call me whatever you want...except if it's insulting," Stiles replied.

"Old man?" Josie asked, smirking.

"," Stiles said.

"Somebody sensitive about their age?" Josie asked, giving him a pouty lip,"Poor baby, or old baby."

"I think I've got a great name for you," Stiles said,"Mon petit chou."

"That sounds romantic," Josie said.

"It means my little cabbage," Stiles said, and Josie glared at him when he started laughing,"But it's also kind of like the French equivalent to sweetheart so I might keep calling you that."

"Don't you dare," Josie growled.

"Alright, if you really want to know, we could stick with calling each other baby or babe. But if you feel like being extra, I could call you kanojo."

Josie's eyebrows went up,"Girlfriend?" She said, understanding the Japanese word perfectly.

"That alright? Or should I do something more like sweetheart, or my angel, or my other half?"

"Maybe just take out the first and last one," Josie said, pulling herself onto his lap, keeping her arms around him,"You'd be the first person to ever call me angel," She said, her hands running through his hair, pulling gently on that little blonde tuft of hair, noticing how it was so much softer than the rest of her hair,"Lizzie's called me her other half before and it'll feel weird if you start saying it."

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