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"The Roman Empire?" Rebekah asked.

"Yes, I was there too," Stiles said, annoyed.

"Birth of Jesus?"

Stiles paused,"Yes," He said simply, like it was all he wished to talk about it.

The two of them trekked through the Bayou, Stiles following the invisible trail of magic with Rebekah as back up.

"Not gonna expand on that?" Rebekah asked.


"So what are we looking for?" Rebekah asked.

Stiles stopped walking, looking just ahead of him,"This."

There were about a dozen wolf corpses in the clearing, inside a circle, the circle being a symbol of a serpent biting its own tail.

"The Hollow," Rebekah realized in horror,"That's who's next?"

Stiles swallowed, nodding,"Inadu."

"Did you know her?" Rebekah asked as Stiles crouched down, examining the body of the wolf.

"I did," Stiles admitted,"I was part of her Mother's tribe fifteen hundred years ago."

"You're not her Father, are you?" Rebekah asked.

"No. I was just one of the tribesmen. But I was there when she was born. I watched her power grow into something darker than anything else I'd ever seen. She knew what I was, everyone in our tribe did. So they tasked me with making a weapon that could kill her. Inadu was only fourteen when she died, but not before she cursed us all with her final breath."

"You were one of the Original werewolves?" She said in disbelief.

Stiles nodded,"It's the first time I've ever broken every bone in my body and not have been able to die."

"Well, since you've killed her once, I'm sure we can do it again, right?" Rebekah said,"Last time it took Nik permanently dying to kill her."

"I'm not sure I can," Stiles said,"Last time we killed her, she cursed us and she was only a kid. Imagine what she could do now that she's hundreds of years older. And her body may have died, but she still lingered."

"But you're also thousands of years older than her," Rebekah reminded him.

Stiles sighed,"That doesn't mean I know everything. It means it's a start. I'll try to recreate the ax, but it still needs witches to imbue its magic in it. Freya might not be enough. The whole New Orleans coven might not be enough."

"Then what will be?"

Stiles thought for a moment,"I made a sword for my daughter, called Arashi, meaning storm. Because it has a literal storm within it. Maybe I can do something similar with the ax."

Rebekah's jaw dropped,"You have a--"

"Yes. I do have a daughter," Stiles said,"Her name's Kira and she's seventeen."

Rebekah doesn't know how to respond, so Stiles continues to think.

There wasn't a storm in sight so he would have to improvise, another element. A fire.

He had used fire to make Noshiko's sword. Fire has a raw and uncontrollable power just like a storm, not as strong but he could still use it.

Time Skip

Since Stiles needed a lot of space, they went to the Mikaelson compound.

"It needs to be bigger," Stiles told them as they had a huge bonfire going in the middle of it.

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