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"I was sorry to hear about your Mother," Melissa said, both her and Josie sitting at the kitchen table,"I would've gone to her wedding, but that's when I just had my son and it was a bit of a complicated time for me. Then I heard that you and your sister were actually being born from a surrogate Mother and...Well, I was pretty surprised."

Josie smiled nervously,"Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were. But our surrogate mother actually ended up being our Mom too."

"Yes, and she was also your Father's former student?" Melissa asked awkwardly, making sure she had all her facts right.

"Yeah," Josie replied, taking a long sip from her coffee.

"So, what are you doing here?" Melissa asked.

"Um...A lot of things happened in Mystic Falls, my father is...in a coma, my sister is on a personal trip, my Mom is on another continent," Josie said,"And I'm getting over a break up with someone I thought I'd be with forever so...yeah."

Before Melissa could reply, Scott walked in through the front door,"Mom, do you know if Kira stopped by earlier? She hasn't answered any of my calls. And Stiles has started acting weird ever since that ninja guy showed..." He trailed off, seeing Josie at the table,"Uh, hi."

"Hi," Josie replied.

"Scott, this is Josie," Melissa introduced.

Scott only waved awkwardly.

"I'm guessing she would probably like to stay here for the next couple of weeks," Melissa assumed.

"If it's not too much trouble," Josie added, trying to be polite.

"Of course not," Melissa said immediately,"I'm used to taking in strays at this point. Can you show her Isaac's old room?" She asked Scott.

"Okay," Scott said, grabbing Josie's suitcase.

"Careful that might be..." She paused when Scott lifted it almost effortlessly,"Heavy."

"I, uh, play Lacrosse," Scott said, carrying the bag up the stairs to the now bare spare bedroom that was once Isaac's,"Bathroom's across the hall, and the dresser and closet's empty so you can just put your stuff in there."

Josie grabbed Scott's hand, and siphoned magic out of him, making him gasp painfully, bringing him to his knees. He looked up at Josie in disbelief, his eyes glowing red.

"You're an Alpha?" Josie asked in surprise, she had met his breed of werewolves before, but they were only Betas and Omegas, this was the first time she'd ever met an Alpha.

"What are you?" Scott growled, flicking out his claws,"If you've come to hurt me or my Mom then--"

"I didn't," Josie interrupted,"I'm a witch."

Scott blinked, obviously not expecting her to give up what she was that easily,"Witches are real?" He asked in shock.

"How long have you been a werewolf?" Josie found herself asking.

"Almost eighteen months," Scott answered.

"And who did you kill to become an Alpha?" Josie asked, fully prepared to use the magic she siphoned from Scott to attack.

"No one," Scott answered,"I'm a True Alpha. My boss, Deaton, is a Druid. He said that True Alphas--"

"Rise out of sheer force of will," Josie finished,"We had an entire unit on True Alphas at my old school."

"What?" Scott asked, now even more confused.

"My old school was started by my Mom who is a vampire and my Dad who was a vampire hunter then vampire then human," Josie said,"A school only for supernaturals. Werewolves, witches, and vampires. But now there's more then that."

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