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Stiles sighed, looking around at his former siblings,"Can Freya and Keelin at least take the baby out of here?"

Kol lunged forward, jumping up to tackle Stiles which he narrowly dodged.

"No? Fine," Stiles growled, jumping onto the ceiling and running upside down on it out of Nik's room and heading for his own.

The vampires ran after him quickly, but Stiles dodged each of their attacks. Doing flips from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Landing on the floor, Stiles jumped down from the ceiling hitting Marcel with both feet while increasing the force of gravity on him, making Marcel feel like he was hit with a semi-truck.

Wrapping an arm around his throat, Stiles snapped Marcel's neck then he finally made it to his room.

When Kol and Rebekah came crashing into Stiles's room, they saw him dressed in his suit, he pulled both of his katanas out and through the small space in his mask he growled at them, his altered voice giving them chills,"Come on, then."

They both ran forward, and outside the room Freya could hear the sounds of fighting, cutting flesh, grunts of pain. And as she peeked her head in, she saw Rebekah slumped against the wall, a cut across her abdomen that was already healing and her neck was snapped.

Stiles pinned Kol to the floor by shoving a katana through him, he hit him in the face with the hilt of the other. Then reaching down he snapped his neck.

Breathing heavily, Stiles stood up and turned toward Freya, then to Mikael behind her,"Keep them safe."

Mikael nodded.

Stiles looked back at Freya,"I didn't want it to come to this."

"Who are you?" Freya demanded.

"I am Henrik. But you have no idea who I really am. I will take care of Dahlia. Stay here, recover. I will be the one to kill her."

Stiles jumped out the window, and when Freya ran to it to see where he landed, he was gone. Disappeared.

Freya turned back to her Father,"Who is he?"

"He is Henrik, just as he said."

"What is he?"

Mikael lifted his arm, showing the bracelet,"I cannot say."

Change Of View

Stiles ran and ran, not caring if he ran out of breath or got hurt.

He finally stopped, heading into an alley he changed back into normal clothes, his black lion tooth necklace standing out on his white sweatshirt.

Grabbing his suit and stuffing it into a bag, his phone started buzzing, and he took it out, seeing that it was Josie.

"Hey, just checking in. How'd it go with Rebekah?" She asked.

"Well, I may have let it slip that I had a brother that butchered my head with a rock, then Dahlia interrupted. I scared her off, then I beat the crap out of everyone. Now I'm on the run looking for Dahlia. Other than that it's been good."

"Do you need any help?" Josie asked,"Maybe I can astral project something."

"No, I'm okay. Just need to get this over with," Stiles said,"Thanks for being my confidante with everything."

"It's sibling drama mixed with actual danger. No one knows that more than me. Except maybe you since you have fifteen thousand years of experience."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm old. I get it," Stiles said, rolling his eyes,"How's Scott?" He asked, unable to help himself.

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